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The Marketplace

Storyhunter connects you with 42,000 professional freelancers around the globe. Our software matches you to the perfect creator, or production team, for any creative project, whether it's branded content, local news, or social media campaigns.

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Find vetted freelancers with verified work samples

Select from more than 60 creative services

Search for new talent in 192 countries

Storyhunter is the future of sourcing top creative talent all over the world.Adam Hobbs, Head of Film, Airbnb

Your Procurement Team's Best Friend

Creator Management Platform

Onboard, hire and pay your freelance creators at the speed of production. Storyhunter streamlines the entire vendor management lifecycle. Did we mention we also handle the tax filing?

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Reduce onboarding time from days to minutes

Speedy payments to freelancers anywhere

Automate W9, W8, 1099-K tax filing

Storyhunter simplifies the process of hiring freelancers for our growing video operation.Alina Grosman, Producer, Instagram

Finally, An All-In-One Platform for Creative Partnerships

Collaboration Made Simple

On Storyhunter, everyone gets what they need — from your legal and finance departments to your production teams and content creators. This means less time spent on logistics, and more creative bliss.

Centralize projects, payments, and data

Re-hire freelancers in one click

Gain efficiency across production lifecycle

It is the best online platform for freelancers.Fernando Teixeira, Director/Cinematographer, Lisbon, Portugal

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