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10 Storyhunters That Your Brand Secretly Needs

Creating a network of go-to freelancers can take time. Not only do you need to find people who can deliver content that aligns with your…
10 Storyhunters That Your Brand Secretly Needs

Creating a network of go-to freelancers can take time. Not only do you need to find people who can deliver content that aligns with your brand’s vision, but you also need to be able to work well together. To get you started, we’ve put together a short list of our top Storyhunter creators who could take your project to the next level.

1. 360° Commercial Shooter: Karim S.*

Having a 360° video in your company’s repertoire gives your audience a fresh and futuristic look into your brand. You’ll want to choose a shooter who is well-versed in the world of virtual reality and knows what makes a 360° video standout.

Based in Dubai, Karim’s skills in 360° video have earned him work with Mercedes Benz, DP World, HUG, and more.

Experience Dubai in 360° with this piece shot by Karim for Emirates Airways on Storyhunter.

2. Creative Director: Sofia G.B.

A creative director oversees all areas of production. From developing your video’s narrative to communicating its tone to a music composer, creative directors are your go-to leader .

Sofia, a Storyhunter commercial director from Los Angeles, combines her style with professional production to create exciting content for her clients. Add her to your Storyhunter network if you want a creative that will have your audience watching your next video again and again.

3. Drone Operator: Kadeh F.

Stunning aerial shots are a great way to capture your audience’s attention and retain them until the end of your video. Using drone shots in your brand’s video can also make locations, events and properties look cinematic

Kadeh is a video journalist from Rio de Janeiro who has worked alongside AJ+, Seeker, 60 Second Docs, and Great Big Story. With his creative abilities and drone work, Kadeh has proven he’s able to provide gorgeous aerial footage.

Kadeh used done shots to capture amazing scenes of the desert lagoons in Brazil for Great Big Story.

4. Commercial Editor: Benjamin T.

When choosing a commercial editor, you need to pick someone who understands how to put together a video that is both entertaining and able to drive home your brand’s message.

Benjamin got his start working in documentary filmmaking for Swedish Television and MTV, expanding his reach into the commercial field with clients such as H&M, Puma, and Grolsch. With an eye for astonishing shots combined with his experience, Benjamin’s work as a commercial editor makes him a great choice for any project.

5. Audio Storyteller: Alyssa S.

A brand’s message is only as powerful as the quality of the narrator. Selecting an audio storyteller who is meticulous about their craft can help realize that potential and create a voice for your brand.

Alyssa is a talented audio storyteller and journalist who uses her abilities as a narrator to drive emotion in her work.

Alyssa brings life to this photo-based piece about the Clarkston Refugee Facilities.

6. Fixer: Nicola S.

Fixers help you take care of the operational aspects of film production when you’re not local to the area. This can range from location scouting, securing interviews and permits, to translating for you. These tasks can make or break an international shoot, especially ones where you’re not familiar with the native language.

After spending six years in New York and four years in London, Storyhunter fixer Nicola moved back to his home city of Milan. This made him an excellent choice for a fixer when NYC-based WSJ Custom Studios needed somebody to plan their shoot in Milan.

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7. Motion Graphics Designer: Joshua L.

Animations are an exciting way to showcase your brand’s identity or deliver a message in a way that everyone can understand. Motion graphics can be used in an assortment of ways, such as an entirely animated explainer video or special effects added to a commercial.

Joshua designed this video on the current state of the middle class for WIRED.

8. Full-Service Video Production: LNC Productions

Selecting individual freelancers to fill each role in a project can be time-consuming, especially if you’re on a tight deadline. A production company lets you take a more hands-off approach to your shoot.

LNC, a creative agency based in Manhattan, can cover every step of your production for pre to post-production.

9. Music Composer: KC D.

By the time your video makes it to post-production, it’s likely the the visual storytelling elements have taken shape to create a narrative flow. To make your brand’s video into a more immersive experience, music composers create original soundtracks that pair perfectly with the video.

KC, based in Los Angeles, has composed numerous soundtracks for big brands such as Budlight and Cricket Wireless.

10. Commercial Shooter: Rudy S.

It’s crucial that your commercial shooter has professional experience shooting for brands. The one behind the viewfinder needs to know how shots should be framed and what a finalized commercial product should look like.

Storyhunter filmmaker Rudy has used his skills to work with Starbucks, 60 Second Docs, and Dream it Reel on the Storyhunter platform.

Rudy shot and produced this video for Delta Sonic.

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By Jordan Rapaport, Storyhunter Writer