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25 Fellowships, Grants, & Awards for Video Journalists

In January, we brought you a list of documentary filmmaking grants to apply to — but video journalists may have to look elsewhere to secure…
25 Fellowships, Grants, & Awards for Video Journalists

In January, we brought you a list of documentary filmmaking grants to apply to — but video journalists may have to look elsewhere to secure funding and promotion for their projects. With dozens of organizations around the world that supply grants, fellowships, and awards to journalists, this isn’t too difficult to do. From university sponsored fellowships to international journalism awards, here are 25 great opportunities you should consider applying for:

Grants & Fellowships:

1. Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute Reporting Award: New York University

The grant supports journalists pursuing a project on underreported issues in the public interest. Recipients receive up to $12,500 as well as workspace at NYU for research. Applications reopen in the fall this year.

2. Bertha BRITDOC Journalism Fund

The BRITDOC fund supports long-form documentaries of a journalistic nature. Applications are rolling.

The film was funded in part by the Bertha BRITDOC Journalism Fund.

3. Elizabeth Neuffer Fellowship: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The fellowship, provided by the International Women’s Media Foundation, is open to women journalists worldwide, who cover human rights and social justice issues. The grant supports seven months of research, coursework at MIT, and housing costs. The application deadline is April 11, 2017.

4. Fund for Investigative Journalism Grants

The FIJ grants funds to journalists to cover costs of working on an investigative project. Grant applications are open three times a year, with the next deadline being May 22, 2017.

5. Howard G. Buffett Fund for Women Journalists

Another grant from the International Women’s Media Foundation, the fund provides women journalists with the financial support to pursue projects on underreported, globally important stories. Applications open twice a year in January and June, with the next deadline being June 20, 2017.

Education is Forbidden
A multimedia narrative about the experiences of students attending schools in the midst of the Boko Haram insurgency in…

IWMF funded this project by Rahima Gambo as an inaugural grantee of the Howard G. Buffet Fund for Women Journalists.

6. Hubert Humphrey Fellowship Program

This fellowship in the Communications/Journalism field is open to international journalists with limited experience in the U.S., but at least five years experience in the industry. The fellowship provides a housing stipend, courses and training at the host university, and more. Application deadlines vary by country.

7. ICFJ Knight Fellowships

The ICFJ Knight Fellowships take place in several locations throughout Asia, and is open to experienced journalists. Fellows will work on projects in mobile services, data journalism, storytelling, and social media. Applications for some fellowships are open now.

8. IRE Freelance Fellowship

Investigative Reporters & Editors gives freelance journalists $1,000 or more to work on investigative projects. The application deadline is April 2, 2017.

9. IRP International Journalism Fellowships

The International Reporting Project offers fellowships to international, professional journalists as they come up. You can sign up for their newsletter to learn when fellowship opportunities are available.

10. John S. Knight Journalism Fellowships: Stanford Journalism

These fellowships are for journalists with five or more years of experience, who are working on projects that explore solutions to challenges facing journalism. It’s open to international applicants and the application process will reopen later this year.

11. Knight-Wallace Fellowships: University of Michigan

These fellowships are open to international and U.S. journalists, who have been working in media for at least five years. Fellows are provided with a stipend, classes at the university, and international travel funds to spend a year studying and pursuing journalism projects. Applications will reopen later this year.

12. Nieman Fellowships: Harvard University

The Nieman Lab Foundation offers multiple fellowships for US and international journalists, who have at least five years of full-time media experience. Fellows receive a stipend, housing, and more as they work on their personal journalism projects, attend workshops and seminars, and take courses at the university. The earliest deadline for a fellowship is Sept 29, 2017.

Film by current Nieman Fellow Subina Shrestha.

13. Pulitzer Center Journalism Grants

The Pulitzer Center offers international travel grants to any journalists working on underreported stories from areas of global importance. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis.

14. Reuters Journalism Fellowship Programme: Oxford University

Reuters offers a number of fellowships with funding that journalists with five years of experience can apply for. Fellows will work on a research project, attend seminars, visit news organizations, and more. Applications will reopen later this year.

15. Soros Justice Media Fellowships

The Open Society Foundations offers this twelve-month fellowship to journalists who are pursuing a project on U.S. criminal justice issues. Fellows receive $58,700–$110,250 in funding to make this project their full-time work for the twelve-month period.

16. World Press Institute Fellowships

These fellowships are open to non-U.S. journalists working in media for at least five years. Fellows will spend a few months traveling around the U.S., participating in briefings, and meeting with their peers. Applications will reopen later this year.

Recognition & Awards:

17. CNN MultiChoice African Journalist Awards

CNN presents a number of awards to African journalists whose primary audience is based in Africa. Entries will reopen later this year.

18. DIG Awards

The DIG Awards from Documentari Inchieste Giornalismi support journalism and reporters who use video in their investigative projects. Applications just closed, so keep the award in mind for next year.

19. IWMF Courage in Journalism Awards

The award, presented by the International Women in Media Foundation, is presented to women journalists who have put themselves at risk and reported from unstable areas in order to pursue the truth. Applications just closed, but they reopen every year.

2016 Courage in Journalism Awards Winner

20. James Foley Medill Medal for Courage in Journalism

This $5,000 award is given to a journalist or team of journalists working for a U.S. based media company, who have displayed courage in pursuit of a story. Entries will reopen later this year.

21. Livingston Awards for Young Journalists

This award is given to journalists under 35, whose work has been published in a U.S. based media company. Entries for the $10,000 award reopen in October.

22. One World Media Awards

These awards support journalism from developing countries and recognize journalists role in increasing cultural understanding. Awarding many different forms of digital media, applications will reopen next Spring.

23. Online News Association Awards

The Online News Association gives dozens of awards to journalists and news organizations, based on types of stories, storytelling, and organization size. Entries for 2017 awards have not opened yet.

24. IRE Awards

The Investigative Reporters and Editors Awards recognizes the best investigative reporting in multiple mediums. Entries closed in January, but will reopen later this year.

2014 IRE Awards Winner in Broadcast Video

25. Sigma Delta Chi Awards

The Society of Professional Journalists awards journalists whose work reflects the best in professional journalism — with specific categories ranging from print newspapers to online digital media. Nominations will reopen later this year.

By D. Simone Kovacs, Writer at Storyhunter