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3 Brands Crushing 360° Video Storytelling

3 Brands Crushing 360° Video Storytelling

You can’t go anywhere in the video production industry without hearing the words 360° video or virtual reality. As more companies experiment with telling empathetic stories and making videos even more interactive, 360° video is shaping up to be the next big thing for branded content. And with headsets like the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear already hitting the consumer market, brands have been producing immersive stories with significant engagement from consumers.

Since 360° video gives viewers the power to choose their own experience, brands must make sure that every detail of their videos speaks to their company’s story. And these brands are doing it right:

1. North Face: Nepal

The North Face is cherished by adventurers, and lovers of the outdoors seeking warm, durable clothing. In its 360°video, filmmaker and climber, Renan Ozturk, embarks on a journey through Nepal. As part of a marketing campaign with OUTSIDE Magazine, North Face supplied VR and Google Cardboard headsets to 75,000 customers with the goal of igniting more interest in the outdoors.

In the video, you follow Renan through the beautiful chaos of Nepalese cobbled streets, massive ancient temples, and his ascent up Mount Everest. You feel his same sense of wonder and thrill of adventure as he reaches the mountain’s peak- aided by his North Face gear.

2. Qantas Airlines: Around the Hamilton Islands in 360°

From the cockpit of a Qantas jet to the breathtaking marine life in the Great Barrier Reef to a helicopter ride over the Heart Reef, you experience an exciting holiday tour, and get a feel for where you could be if you only flew Qantas.

3. Liberty Mutual Insurance

On Facebook, Liberty Mutual launched a 360°video quiz that begins with “It’s cold. It’s dark. Your car breaks down. What should you do?” and then lets the viewer view three different actions taken by the woman. The third action, “Call Liberty Mutual,” is the only one that shows her being rescued. Being stranded on the side of the road is an experience most car owners fear, and in this case, 360° video makes that situation feel all too real. That makes the story’s ending — when Liberty Mutual comes to the rescue — all the more powerful and memorable, firmly reinforcing the brand’s value proposition as a reliable, trusted service that’s there when you need it most.