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3 NYC Gatherings for Videographers and Filmmakers

While New York City is a competitive place for filmmakers to live, the opportunities for networking with other passionate creatives in your…

While New York City is a competitive place for filmmakers to live, the opportunities for networking with other passionate creatives in your field are endless. These are great ways to connect — they’re usually casual, open events that attract filmmakers from a wide range of industries and experience, who are all there to learn from each other and share ideas.

Here are three of our favorite film and video gatherings in NYC:

1. NY Video MeetUp

Photo Credit: Steve R.

One of the largest meetup groups for video professionals, NY Video gathers once a month to discuss the latest and emerging trends in the industry. The group brings together startups, content producers, techies, and media companies for demos and Q&As on the video production industry.

This is a great place for you to keep yourself connected because the meetup has casual meetings and workshops at major headquarters like Shutterstock, HBO and Vimeo.

2. New York Film Group

Whether you just started in the field or are at an advanced level, this group gathers all filmmakers from different age groups and categories in one place. It’s a very friendly place with a positive outlook where people encourage and learn from each other’s experiences.

There’s a large diversity of roles during New York Film Group meetups from media/film students, music composers, directors, writers, producers, cinematographers, and sound designers.

The group’s mission is to make powerful films where members gain a wealth of education and knowledge from modern filmmaking topics as well as hands-on projects and on-set production exercises.

Members who join the group are proactively involved in some of the NYFG projects throughout the year, which range from short films to full length features. The meetup gives you access to equipment, locations, studios and many resources that would be useful for production projects.

3. ScreenUp NYC

Photo Credit: Juan Felipe Rangel

If you’re in New York, you should definitely come to our monthly ScreenUps. ScreenUps are a great place for you to come watch short docs and branded videos, connect with Storyhunter clients, and network with other videographers. Recently, our presenters have included Global Citizen, Gizmodo, The New York Times, Great Big Story, and more.

During a typical ScreenUp, there is time for networking, a quick screening, and Q&As with executive producers and filmmakers to learn about the video production process and discuss relevant issues in the industry. To get on the list for our upcoming ScreenUps, you can sign up here.

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By Jad-Evangelo Nasser, Storyhunter Writer