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5 Media Publishers to Watch in 2018

As the media industry continues to invest more in video, video producers are experimenting with new ways to tell stories and create…
5 Media Publishers to Watch in 2018

As the media industry continues to invest more in video, video producers are experimenting with new ways to tell stories and create immersive experiences for online audiences.

Each of these five publishers have rapidly grown in the past year as they found their own unique voices and approaches to short-form storytelling. With 2018 just around the corner, we can’t wait to see what stories they’ll produce next!

1. NBC Left Field

NBC Left Field is the new experimental hub for NBC News, publishing documentaries designed for social media. Their journalists dig deeper into current events, exploring the story through different subjects’ eyes.

One of their recent videos, “What It’s Like Being a Cosplay Cam Girl,” follows the daily routine of a woman who works full-time as a cam girl who dresses in cosplay for her audience. The short documentary details her experience, how she feels and interacts with her internet followers, and gives viewers a greater insight into the realities of her lifestyle.

Shot by Storyhunter filmmaker Carlos B.*

2. NowThis

NowThis is a mobile-first, digital video outlet that releases original news content for social channels. Their creative commentary contributes a strong voice to each story, making them a must-see. They also produce short-form documentaries that are informative, empathetic, and give viewers a personal perspective to the story.

One example of this is their short doc “St. Louis Rising: The Delmar Divide & Racial Segregation,” which follows locals’ commentary on racial division in their community. The conversations dive into the more personal and upsetting elements of neglect and misunderstanding that the African American community faces in the city. The Delmar divide represents the lack of funds in the city; on one side of the divide is opportunity, and on the other is pain, as they describe it. The pro-segregation history of the city is evident in its divide now. NowThis presents the information with a mix of voiceover narration, motion graphics, footage of the city, and interviews. These varying elements add to the story, allowing viewers to process the information in different ways.

3. Contrast VR

Part of Al Jazeera English, Contrast VR produces and distributes content that gives viewers a deeper look into each story. Contrast VR videos include high-end documentaries about the most pressing regional and global issues. They are unique in their use of technology within storytelling as they film in 360°, immersing viewers in every perspective of a scene. This lets viewers feel as though they are in the action, interacting with the subjects and environment.

The video “Dire Conditions in Rohingya Refugee Camps” is a great example of how compelling virtual reality can be. This use of virtual reality allows the viewer a personal look into the life of a refugee; the viewer feels as though they are there. The combination of VR with global storytelling gives this rising media publisher a unique and powerful voice.

4. Seeker

Seeker is an American digital media network and content publisher creating online video and editorial content driven by curiosity and the need to understand how technology and innovation shape the future. Their short documentaries are a great way to keep up with the latest discoveries and research.

In the video “This Neurobiologist Swims With Great White Sharks to Study Fear,” scientists follow great whites and study how the brain reacts. The unique angle on this video is the use of VR with neurology. They are able to take subjects through a real-world environment, while monitoring every part of their physical and mental reactions.

5. 60 Second Docs

60 Second Docs creates one minute documentaries that provide insight to the unique people, expressions, and practices that exist in our world. This publishing company gives viewers a look into different characters, their passions and experiences. Their use of visuals paired with written commentary provides quick, yet in-depth, perspective on each story. The length of the videos make them a perfect fit for their target audience: millennials on social media. 60 Second Docs has grown massively in just nine months, beginning as a video series with a small following to reaching millions of views and thousands of followers.

Their video “DIY Horror Makeup” follows makeup artist Tiffany Baze and her process in creating special effects makeup. In one minute, 60 Second Docs introduces viewers to a woman with an interesting hobby, examines her artistic process, and shows off her work. This media company creates videos that take us to the best part of a character’s life, showing us in just one minute why they do what they do and how they do it.

60 Second Docs
How to do horror makeup.

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By Lena Drake, Storyhunter Writer