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7 Ways to Rent & Buy Your Gear Online

International Sites
7 Ways to Rent & Buy Your Gear Online

International Sites

KEH Camera

KEH Camera is a full-service site for buying, selling, trading, and repairing camera equipment internationally. They offer an online quote for your camera and trade-in for cash, as well as a price match guarantee. If the price of the product you purchase changes within fourteen days, KEH will refund you the difference.


KitSplit allows filmmakers to rent equipment from others in their area. They are referred to as “the Airbnb of cameras” with locations spanning cities in the USA and Toronto. Offering short-term and long-term insurance, KitSplit has multiple options to choose from depending on the value of the gear.

Used Photo Pro

Used Photo Pro offers cash for used camera gear, a 180 day coverage guarantee when you purchase from them, and will ship internationally. This is a great site when you need to replace parts of your gear for a fair price.


VER has been around for 35 years. They have a large selection of equipment that can be shipped around the world, and they don’t stop there. In constant communication with clients, VER has listened to the complaints about current equipment on the market, and have developed and manufactured products of their own to address those issues.

USA Sites

Adorama Rental Co

Adorama is one of the top sites for selling, buying, and trading video equipment. Based in New York, Adorama lets locals rent gear using their convenient curbside pick-up. With affordable products and a large inventory, they’re a great resource when you need a lot of gear for a shoot.


BorrowLenses is an online renting service. With a large selection of high-end camera and lighting equipment, this is a great service for on-location shoots that may be far from home. Pickup for rentals is offered across the USA, but if you are traveling with the equipment internationally, you must return it in the states. They also offer packages with a variety of equipment paired together, such as wedding essentials or lighting grip packages.


ShareGrid, a camera-sharing community, allows you to search for gear by location, so you can rent from local filmmakers like yourself. As of now, locations are limited to the USA. Each renter’s profile has a bio, a review section, and the products they’re offering. And if you have some extra gear of your own you’d like to rent out, you can do that as well. This is great for when you need camera gear on a project-to-project basis. They also offer annual and short-term insurance policies for your gear.

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By Lena Drake, Storyhunter Writer