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Congratulations to These Webby Award Nominees — Vote Today!

We’re proud to send a big congratulations to more than 25 media companies on Storyhunter who have received Webby Award nominations. The…
Congratulations to These Webby Award Nominees — Vote Today!
The Women’s March at the 21st Annual Webby Awards. Photo Credit: The Webby Awards

We’re proud to send a big congratulations to more than 25 media companies on Storyhunter who have received Webby Award nominations. The Webbys honor the best websites, videos, mobile apps, social presence, advertising, podcasts, and games on the internet, and we couldn’t be happier to see so many Storyhunter members represented. Voting for the 22nd annual awards is open until Thursday, April 19th, so vote now and stay tuned for the winners.


Refinery29 scooped up a number of nominations at the Webbys this year, including one for their show, 60 Second Cities. Series producer and host, Annie Greenberg, said that “’60 Second Cities’ is a fly-through vacation mood board in hyperspeed. The video is all about travel-lust, jet-setter vibes, and visuals. We give you everything you need to know and want to see — no fluff. In doing so we tried to developed a really unique voice and sensibility for this series to set it apart from other travel shows.”

The series nabbed a nomination in the Film & Video — Travel & Adventure category and are up against other Storyhunter clients, including CNN for their “Anthony Bourdain’s Explore Parts Unknown: Return to Catalunya” episode and Fusion Media Group’s “Endangered” show.

Storyhunter Kristin J. worked with Refinery29 as a fixer on this 60 Second City episode in Lisbon, Portugal.
This nomination literally means the world to us. We are a really tiny team, and when you look at us against the company that we’re in (ahem, Anthony Bourdain, I’m looking at you!), it’s easy to think of us as the little guys, the underdogs. Truly, we’re honored just to be nominated and to represent Refinery29, a company that’s always championed this product. We have so much heart and care so deeply about every single shot that goes into the final product, and, win or lose, I hope that shows. — Annie G., Fashion Editor At Large, Video Producer for Refinery29

Refinery29 hired fixers from the Storyhunter platform to help with the show production across Europe. Annie said that, “Storyhunter’s been an incredible resource in helping us find fixers all over the globe — from Lisbon to Florence to Dubrovnik. In fact, we’re still friends with everyone we’ve used and recently met up with one of our Storyhunter fixers when he was traveling through NYC.

The publisher also received nominations and honorees in the Film & Video — Fashion & Beauty, Social Video — Fashion & Beauty, and the Advertising, Media, & PR — Best Event Activation categories.

Storyhunter Martin E. worked with Refinery29 as a fixer on this 60 Second City episode in Florence, Italy.

Nameless Network

Nameless Network, a publisher that makes videos for the smartphone generation, received a Webby nomination in the Social Video — Education & Discovery category for their “Everything Explained” show.

Alexandra Serio, the Co-Founder and CCO of NamelessNetwork.com, said that the series “breaks down the science of everyday phenomena. We’ve done episodes on everything from how seasonal allergies work to why some people are afraid of clowns to how deja vu works. Our approach to ‘Everything Explained’ is to make learning and discovery approachable and entertaining while not shying away from the actual substance and complexity of the issues we cover. We like to think of our videos as three to five minute watchable encyclopedia entries that give you a 360º view all while tickling the funny bone.

The nomination is a big deal for the three-year-old company and their show is competing against big-hitters like National Geographic, VICE News, and the BBC. While they didn’t use Storyhunters for this show, they’ve been using them for their ‘Weird Wild World’ series, which they will submit to the Webbys next year. The show, which is in its third season, has over one million followers on Facebook.

This a big deal for our 12-person company! It’s a real-life David vs. Goliath story and we consider the nomination itself a huge win. More than anything, I think it strengthens our commitment to delivering knowledge-driven content in entertaining and innovative formats and sets us up to achieve our ultimate goal of becoming the new Discovery Channel for Generations Z and Alpha. — Alexandra S.

MSNBC & Global Citizen

MSNBC was nominated for a Webby in the Film & Video — Public Service & Activism category for their collaboration with Global Citizen called “Taking Action.” The series shows how people around the world are taking action to make the world a better place.

One of the videos they produced for this series was also a Storyhunter Staff Pick in September last year. It’s about a Cambodian government worker who is part of a team using giant rats to find landmines left over from decades of war.

Storyhunter news shooters, Shira P. and Lucas V., shot this video for MSNBC & Global Citizen.

And a big congratulations to all the other Storyhunter members nominated for Webby Awards: AJ+, Al Jazeera, All Def Digital, Buzzfeed, Circa, CNN, Fusion, Great Big Story, Hearst, LittleThings, McClatchy, Mindbodygreen, Mitú, Mozilla, NBC News, NowThis, Outside Magazine, Ozy Media, Seeker, The Dodo, Time, Univision, Voice of America, and Wired.

Voting ends Thursday, April 19th, so make sure to get in your votes before the polls close! Vote now.

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By D. Simone Kovacs, Storyhunter Editor