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End of the Year Blues? See Our Content Solutions for Your Budgeting Headaches

End of the Year Blues? See Our Content Solutions for Your Budgeting Headaches

Marketers, we know your pain: the year is soon ending, and you need to use your budget. If you don’t spend it, you lose it. Often, companies reset their budget in the new year, and any remaining funds don’t roll over. What’s more, your finance team may allocate your department a lower budget depending on how much you spent the previous year. We understand the main challenge is figuring out how to spend money in a way that contributes to your current and future content plans. It’s a tricky balance. But, don’t worry, we’ve got a few practical solutions for your end-of-year woes, so you can continue creating and sharing remarkable brand stories at scale.

Problem: You haven’t used up your budget and time’s running out

Solution: Put money into future projects using our Credits feature

Our newly launched Credits feature extends the lifetime of your budget. The tool offers you the option of adding chunks of the budget to your Storyhunter account. You can add it as a lump sum to cover the entire spend or per cost center/PO number. Account admins have access to the Credits reporting page, allowing them to track remaining credit at any given time.

Many of our clients increased their spending on our platform by three-fold in November and December. They are using their remaining budget to commission pitches on Storyhunter for the following year or invest in a new content series. Your team already knows the marketing dates for your business and the themes you want to focus on (for example, sustainability, diversity & inclusion). You can get a head start on your New Year’s marketing campaign, or maybe you have an upcoming company milestone and want to celebrate using video. The earning quarter is the right time to invest your budget for future content.

Increase in Q4 spending year-over-year on Storyhunter

The Credits feature, catering to the “always-on” content production mindset, gives you the financial wiggle room to bring your forthcoming content plans to life.

Problem: It’s the end of the year and you have limited resources (time, internal staffing) to pull off a new, creative endeavor

Solution: Hire a hand-picked, top-tier production company to execute your project from start to finish

In the earning quarter, you can take advantage of Storyhunter SELECT to create a bespoke branded series, global editorial content, a sophisticated marketing campaign, or a digital video ad. We will hand-pick premium creative talent based on their genre-specific expertise and your project needs, inevitably saving you the time of going through dozens of applicants.

You can outsource your entire production and get the deliverables in a punch. SELECT gives our clients, especially those with in-house teams, the opportunity to tap into the “production house” model, which gives you the freedom to move more fluidly. You also get to work with the right talent for your project (no longer having to worry about getting stuck with one production company.)

In Q4, teams are inundated and SELECT offers a unique opportunity to outsource your production, try something new, and get ahead of not only your to-do list but also your competition.

The Credits feature is reserved for members, but for the end of the year, we are opening it up to non-members. Talk to your account manager or consult our sales team to learn more.

Problem: You don’t have the resources to get your projects done on time

Solution: Hire additional help from our Marketplace: Editors, sound designers, colorists, animators — you name it

You need creative help. We’re here. Simply post your needs on Storyhunter including location, budget, and timing and our algorithm will instantly match you with the best available freelancers in our network.

Our network spans 50+ services and 190+ countries. You can hire any creative service such as drone operators, 360-degree video shooters, editors, and motion graphic designers. Whether you want to commission a production company in Jakarta, build out an entire crew in Rio de Janeiro or hire a documentary filmmaker in Timbuktu — there’s a freelancer who can get the job done.