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Gear On Wheels

Gear On Wheels
Biking through the streets of New York on this beauty, gear in tow.

Mariana Keller: Hey guys, I’m Storyhunter’s Head of Community Development. As some of you may know, I am also a freelance video journalist myself. I decided to dig up this photo (back from 2011) to show you my favorite way to get around when on assignment: packing up my bicycle basket with my gear. I bike around everywhere in my day-to-day, so naturally I find it much more practical and enjoyable to ride to an assignment (provided it’s not too hot, and I don’t have a ton of gear to carry).

What you see here is my basic gear kit, packed into a Tamrac Velocity 9x. I’ve also got a Manfrotto monopod and my lightweight tripod.

What may look tricky is actually kind of fun! And a pretty reliable means of transport, too.