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Here Are Our Favorite Videos Made Through Storyhunter in 2020

The Storyhunter team combed through your submissions and voted on stand-out videos produced through our platform in 2020. The pandemic may…
Here Are Our Favorite Videos Made Through Storyhunter in 2020

The Storyhunter team combed through your submissions and voted on stand-out videos produced through our platform in 2020. The pandemic may have stopped many in their tracks, but what is evident from the staff picks is that our community found new and creative ways to do what we love: tell stories.

Best Branded Content

Company: Bloomberg QuickTake

Video Journalist: Lena Inglis

Dropbox Business sponsored a Bloomberg QuickTake series looking at how small businesses are adapting to a post-pandemic world. This particular video looks at how the founder of a dance fitness studio Wukkout in New York City is getting creative to keep her company afloat. Video Journalist Lena Inglis has previously filmed for Happs and New York University.

Best TV Commercial

Company: Rosetta Stone

Video Journalist: Thomas Cytrynowicz, Emiliano Leon

In this fast-paced 40-second Rosetta Stone commercial, native-speakers from France to China share expressions (for example, “dumpster fire” and “disaster”) that capture the mood of 2020. The message? No matter how you say it, last year had us all feeling a type of way. Ian Young from Rosetta Stone hired dozens of Storyhunter freelancers to work on this marketing campaign, and for this particular piece, videographer Thomas Cytrynowicz found a quintessential Paris street to film on. Emiliano Leon filmed seven talents and edited the commercial as well as eight extended explainers.

Best Virtual & Remote

Company: InsureTech Connect

Storyhunter Select Producer: John Dickie

InsureTech, the world’s largest insurance-tech conference that annually has 8,000 attendees, created its first-ever digital conference during the COVID-19 pandemic. They produced hundreds of videos featuring speakers located all over the world. John Dickie was one of the highly experienced Select producers who worked on creating quality content for this virtual conference. Learn more about how Storyhunter helped the ITC go digital here.

Best Drone Photography

Company: BBC Reel

Video Journalist: Alice Carfrae

BBC Reel hired Nepal-based video journalist Alice Carfrae to film a monastery in Kathmandu that’s home to hundreds of young nuns who are challenging stereotypes through kung fu. The sweeping drone footage of the nunnery helps place the viewer on the mountaintop and elevates the visual storytelling. Alice has worked for numerous media companies including AJ Plus, 60 Second Docs, and Atlas Obscura.

The millennial nuns practicing a forbidden skill — BBC Reel
In the inherently patriarchal Buddhist tradition, women are considered inferior to men. But the nuns of the…

Best Explainer Video

Company: Bloomberg Law

Motion Graphics Designer and Video Editor: Virginia Gilles

Bloomberg Law needed a motion graphics designer to illustrate the concept and history of court-packing in the United States, a topic that was making headlines in the lead-up to Republican’s rush to confirm Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. Virginia Gilles used her motion graphics expertise and video editing skills to make this newsy piece even more engaging. In the past, she’s worked for BBC Reel and on numerous other projects for Bloomberg.

Best Animation Video

Company: BBC Reel

Motion Graphics Designer: Maple Shipp

Motion Graphics Designer Maple Shipp expertly and creatively uses motion graphics design in this four-minute BBC video that delves into the ways in which the media has warped our sense of self. A Storyhunter Select producer, Shipp has worked on big-budget projects for companies such as Red Bull and InsureTech Connect.

How the media has warped how we see ourselves — BBC Reel
From a young age, we are all exposed to TV programmes, advertising, online content and books. But who are the…

Best Environmental Video

Company: Great Big Story

Documentary DP: Danny Beard

Great Big Story was looking for a video journalist to film a documentary-style piece on a Miami meteorologist who has made it his mission to warn citizens about the dangerous effects of climate change. This video stood out because of its unique and human-approach to conveying the climate crisis. Danny has previously worked for Fusion Media, Bloomberg Quicktake, and AJ Plus.

Best Documentary: Long Form

Company: Al Jazeera

Documentary DP: Mathieu Orcel

Filmmaker Mathieu Orcel found himself caught in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic in Buenos Aires, Argentina. But that’s when he decided to seek the guidance of a longtime cave dweller high in the mountains of Tucuman province to explore the many meanings of isolation. Mathieu has his own production company called Kôn sud that focuses on social issues in Latin America.

Living in complete isolation for 45 years | Close Up
A quarantined filmmaker seeks guidance from a longtime cave dweller as they explore the many meanings of isolation.

Best Documentary: Short Form

Company: New York Post

Documentary DP: Chuck Greenwood

The New York post hired Chuck Greenwood to film a couple who uprooted their life after the coronavirus pandemic hit and decided to live out of their van and travel all over Oregon. The video gives us a glimpse into the day-to-day routine of the self-described “digital nomads.” Chuck owns a full-service studio for broadcast, feature, commercial films. He’s worked for companies such as Hearst Digital Media, NowThis, and Ruptly.

I live in my van by choice
This couple is living out of their van — and loving it. Self-described “digital nomads” La and Mel Fisher uprooted…

Best Social Video

Company: Bloomberg QuickTake

Video Journalist: Amir Kohn

Seattle-based Amir Kohn filmed the 17-year-old behind one of the largest coronavirus-tracking websites in the world. This social video garnered more than three million views on Twitter. Kohn has also filmed stories for 60 Second Docs.

Best Vertical Video

Company: Lightricks

Creative Director: Eric Hinojosa

Director and editor Eric Hinojosasourced creative talent and produced more than 20 TikTok videos for Lightricks, an Israel-based company that develops award-winning video and image editing mobile apps. Eric leads a team that produces content for some of the world’s biggest YouTubers.

Best Vertical Video Series

Company: Instagram

Instagram’s page on their platform has a staggering 384 million followers, topping all other accounts. The brand hired Storyhunter freelancers to film visually stunning three-minute vertical videos for their IGTV series celebrating Black Joy. Instagram built a community around the series using #ShareBlackStories.

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By Shivan Sarna, Head of Stories