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Home Is Where Your Camera Is

Home Is Where Your Camera Is
Reinier van Oorsouw wakes up to the beautiful landscape of Kyrgyzstan.

Reinier van Oorsouw: It was early morning. The sound of the river woke me up. Opening the tent, perfect light unveiled itself. It was great to capture the moment, as if from a little window created by the tent. It was one of the best places ever to wake up in!

I was on a journey taking pictures for WECF and took some additional time to look around. I was in a valley south of Issyk Kul Lake, in Kyrgyzstan. I had visited some development projects nearby for a photo assignment (on water & solar energy). The locals pointed this spot out to me — this completely remote area. I even took a shower in the freezing water.

I try to spend more time on location whenever possible (if I don’t have to hurry back for other assignments). A great way to learn about a country, and save on flight expenses. I was joined by four of my friends who were also interested in the destination. In all, we traveled and explored the area for two weeks.

Reinier hails from Utrecht, in the Netherlands, and does both video & photography. He started working for Lonely Planet age 19, and never stopped — and has trod in over 80 countries. Below are more photos from his road trip in Kyrgyzstan.

All photos copyright of Reinier van Oorsouw.

Song Kul Lake
What a view
verlooking Chatyr Kul on the 4km heigh pass
self portrait
Cutting sheep's wool
Vodka Picnic
Chilling in the river of melted snow
road trip
Crossing the mountain pass to Chatyr Kul, on the border with China. A trip that took us 3 hours by horse going uphill through rivers and steep slopes
Brush your teeth
Wooden Bridges
horseback adventure