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In the Creative Field? Your Ultimate Guide to Global Daily Rates Is Here

In the Creative Field? Your Ultimate Guide to Global Daily Rates Is Here

You can’t start a video production project without knowing how much it will cost. What will a documentary DP charge? A creative director? How about a VR designer? To strip away the confusion surrounding rates, we compiled a data-backed guide to global daily rates for services in video production, design, photography, communications, and social media strategy.

To start, let’s break down the types of rates (day rates, half-day rates, and flat rates) you need to know about and considerations such as equipment rentals and location, which will inevitably play a role in setting the budget. Are you ready? Get started by downloading the free Storyhunter Rate Card below.

Types of Rates

Day Rates

Day rates mean you’ve hired the person for eight hours. If you go over eight hours in one day, you can always add a half-day onto the freelancer’s rate.

Half-Day Rates

Professional creatives do not typically work by the hour, so if you want to hire a freelancer for less than a day’s work, you can offer them a half-day rate.

Flat Rates

When hiring someone for a flat rate, the budget is usually decided based on the scope of the project.

Video Production Considerations

Equipment Rentals

Equipment rentals are not included in our suggested day rates. For high-end video production, special equipment is commonly added to the day rate, even if owned by the freelancer. Equipment costs can be added to an active project using the Expenses feature.


Market rates are based on the average price per service but vary depending on the location you are hiring at.

You’re in Good Hands

You can now be confident in the project rates you propose when you outsource creative services, like video production for your next marketing campaign. Storyhunter's global rate guide is your cheat sheet for easier planning.

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