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Introducing “My Network:” An Exciting Way To Manage Creators on Storyhunter

The creator economy is booming but with this growth comes the need for management tools to ensure a seamless workflow.
Introducing “My Network:” An Exciting Way To Manage Creators on Storyhunter

The world of content creation is evolving rapidly, and the demand for high-quality, engaging content is at an all-time high. As a result, more and more companies are turning to freelancers to help them create the content they need to succeed in today's digital landscape. But with growth comes the need for management tools to ensure a seamless workflow, compliance, and legal obligations.

That's where our Creator Management Platform (CMP) comes in. We re-developed our CMP so you can focus on what you do best - creating amazing content.

My Network is a particularly game-changing CMP feature for anyone looking to build and manage their network of invited creators. With top-line metrics, advanced searching, and one-click hire, clients can now easily visualize, manage, and take action with their invited creators. In-Network creators have a specific Network profile experience. Clients can use the CMP to keep tabs on active projects with in-network creators to ensure project success. Plus, start to build familiarity with their work history and capabilities, including public and private reviews your company has given them in the past. This feature is not just for subscription clients anymore - it's open to all clients (with some limitations).

Read on to learn how to invite freelancers, how we calculate your network, and more CMP features.

How Do You Invite Creators to Your Network?

As mentioned, an in-network creator is someone who you have invited to join Storyhunter. The first step is to click My Network to send an email invite to your creators.

We will mark the invitation "pending" until the creator completes the sign-up process. Then, click on "view pending" to see which creators have not yet completed signing up. You can resend invitations if they have expired. Once the creator finishes the signup, we will add their profile to your network.

How Do You Check Your Network Size?

You can check the size of your network by clicking on the My Network tab. All invited creators and pending invites count toward your overall network count.

Your network size depends on your account membership tier. If you have a Create account, you can invite 3 creators. If you have a Professional membership, you can send 30 invitations. The Business tier has 300 invites, and Enterprise accounts have unlimited invites.

What Are the Benefits of Inviting Your Network?

There are many benefits to inviting creators and building your network on Storyhunter.

For clients:

  • In-network creators don’t incur fees to work with you
  • Keep track of your best talent and view network utilization stats
  • A clear picture of work history across the account and per specific creator
  • Quick and easy rehiring
  • Automated invoice creation
  • Simplified electronic contracting
  • No vendor set up

For creators:

  • Free sign up
  • Flexible payout options
  • Downloadable earnings reports
  • Guaranteed payments in 30-days or less
  • Dedicated creator support team
  • Opportunity to find more gigs

What else do I need to know about managing in-network relationships?

The Search feature allows members with Marketplace access to find qualified and vetted freelancers available for hire. You can use the Past Hires section to find all freelancers you've previously worked with regardless of their network status. Finally, with the Saved feature, you can create a list of freelancers whose work has impressed you, allowing for easy future reference and comparison.

The CMP is part of our enhanced buyer view and brand new dashboard. “We believe these new experiences will create much more visibility into who is in your network and who is part of the open marketplace – as well as creating an upgraded visualization for the history of those relationships,” said Storyhunter Head of Product Max Schwartz.

To learn more about building your network on Storyhunter, contact your account manager or email salesteam@storyhunter.com.