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January ScreenUps Recap: Miami & DC

In January, Storyhunter came back to Miami to host our second ScreenUp in the area and held our first ever ScreenUp in DC.
January ScreenUps Recap: Miami & DC
Photo Credit: Juan Felipe Rangel

In January, Storyhunter came back to Miami to host our second ScreenUp in the area and held our first ever ScreenUp in DC.

We met in the Wynwood neighborhood at Gramps in Miami for a night of amazing short docs and Q&As with executive producers from Univision who presented their new content, along with Storyhunter filmmakers.

El Chapo Ilimitado

Publisher: Univision Entertainment

Univision Entertainment’s creative team, Leonor Suarez, Pablo Wills, and Pablo Sanchis, presented and discussed how they are expanding into long-form digital content with a social component for their Spanish-speaking American audience. One of their new series is El Chapo Ilimitado, a Facebook Live Show that highlights Univision’s El Chapo TV series about real-life criminal events.

From Gang Member to Teacher of The Year

Publisher: Univision Noticias
Storyhunter filmmaker: Ben K.*

Univision News has a grant sponsored by Pearson to produce educational content for young Latinos in the US. One of their recent videos tells the story of former gang member, Ricardo Castro, who found solace in educating young people and has since received the Teacher Of The Year Award from his school.

Era pandillero y ahora inspira a sus estudiantes latinos a ser maestros ejemplares como él
Ricardo Castro creció en Chicago, donde pensó que las pandillas le traerían respeto. Un maestro hispano cambió todo…
Photo Credit: Juan Felipe Rangel

Julian & Austin — Coppertone Advertisement

Publisher: Sports Illustrated
Storyhunter filmmaker: Adrian B.

Adrian B., our Miami community organizer, has completed over 35 projects through Storyhunter. He presented one of these recent projects — a branded video commissioned by TIME Inc.’s branded content studio — at ScreenUp. The branded video was for Sports Illustrated, sponsored Coppertone, and showed how two athletes go through intensive workouts as part of their routine.

After Adrian’s presentation, Tupac Saavedra, a senior editorial producer at AJ+, spoke to the Miami community via video chat. He explained how AJ+ is beginning to move into longer YouTube video content as they focus less on Facebook as their primary distribution channel.

El Salvador Teenage Camandos

Publisher: AJ+

This short doc takes an inside look at the lives of teenagers in the capital of El Salvador, who are trying to avoid the violence resulting from the city’s increasing crime rate.

Indigenous Game Ullamliztli Making a Comeback

Producer: Andres Lopez
Publisher: AJ+

The video tells the story about a 3,500 year old game that originated in Mexico and is making a big comeback. It received over two millions views.

Storyhunter’s ScreenUp series continued the next week at Airedale in uptown Washington, DC. Executive producers from the Human Rights Campaign and Circa presented their videos, along with Storyhunter community organizer Armando Gallardo.

How Two Moms Took on Trolls to Support an LGBTQ Kid

Publisher: Human Rights Campaign

Jon Groat and Nicole Michaelis from the Human Rights Campaign presented two videos they recently produced: one about two mothers who took a stand against homophobia in Wisconsin and the other on a queer sexual assault survivor. Check them out below:

Gaza’s Lack of Electricity Devastating Children with Poor Health

Publisher: Circa

Elizabeth Hagedorn, a producer at Circa News, presented the following video, which highlights the electricity crisis in Gaza and its effect on children with poor health.

Gaza's lack of electricity is devastating kids, especially those whose health depends on it
Rami al-Kamouni kisses his son on his forehead and watches as Mohammed takes a deep breath. His 12-year-old is inhaling…

Armando Gallardo, who organized the DC ScreenUp, showcased the following videos he produced for AJ+.

Music Programs in Cuban Schools

Publisher: AJ+

Tattoos on International Women’s Day

Publisher: AJ+

International Women’s Day in March has become historical event for women empowerment in America and many are joining the movement day by day. Check out how women are getting powerful messages as tattoos in support for Planned Parenthood:

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By Jad-Evangelo Nasser, Storyhunter Writer