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Powered by Storyhunter x Epidemic Sound: New “How To Film This” Adventure Filmmaking Series

What is How To Film This about?
Powered by Storyhunter x Epidemic Sound: New “How To Film This” Adventure Filmmaking Series

What is How To Film This about?

Have you found yourself on a one-of-a-kind adventure and wondering how to capture and share the magic of the experience? Want to learn the secrets of world-class filmmakers in the field for getting that perfect shot?

We are thrilled to have teamed up with Epidemic Sound to bring you the first episode of our adventure filmmaking series, How To Film This. Top creators from the Storyhunter network will share filmmaking techniques, tips, and advice that will help you get to that next level. We will take you on journeys across the globe throughout the series. We are going to learn a lot and also have some fun.

In the inaugural episode, we head to the Northern Lights in the Swedish Lapland, one of the best places in the world to see this natural phenomenon. You will get the step-by-step of how to film and edit a time-lapse video of the Northern Lights.

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Who are the freelancers?

Storyhunter is home to more than 36,000 world-class freelancers and production companies spread across 190+ countries. Naturally, we tapped into our network to showcase its talent.

Björn Nilsson is a Swedish documentary filmmaker and editor based in his home country. Through Storyhunter, he has completed projects in over 20 countries from Switzerland to Egypt. He told us he strives to “leave each place with a better understanding of how our world works.” Björn has created video content for companies like Instagram, MyHeritage, Amnesty International, BBC, and CNN.

We also hired motion graphics designer Mesut Ersoz based in London. He created the overall branding for the series, including the intro and outro animations, lower thirds, thumbnails, and bespoke graphics that enhanced the user experience.

Why Epidemic Sound?

Epidemic Sound’s music is certainly not average. It is professionally composed, authentic, and unique. The artists on the platform are world-class musicians and full-time studio professionals who live to create music. We love their tracks, and our network of top-tier video professionals do too.

Björn uses Epidemic Sound’s Commercial Plan, a great subscription option for freelancers, production companies, and smaller brands that need music for their content. The commercial option leaves nothing to chance when it comes to licensing and clearing. Creators can easily protect clients from copyright claims by using Epidemic Sound’s clearing tool. So, as a brand, you will get complete peace of mind.

We also love Epidemic Sound because it offers a vast, curated library of music files conveniently organized by genres. So, it is easy to tap into different music genres and find inspiration.

What was the creative process?

Storyhunter had the idea to create an adventure filmmaking how-to series that highlighted the skills of our global community of video professionals while also helping others elevate their craft. Once we had the vision, we created a posting on our platform and sourced top talent to help bring the idea to life.

How does Björn find inspiration for his videos? He says it is through watching YouTube videos from fellow creators. “It is finding bits and pieces, small techniques and transitions, that elevates the content,” he told us. “Making cool content is not only about having the best gear but also creativity such as storytelling and music.”

When it comes to post-production, Björn says audio is most important in creating the atmosphere of a piece. “I try to get the feeling through the music and then edit it. But the opposite is true for documentaries.” For this particular video, the “narrative came first, and then I added music to get the feeling of being at the Northern Lights.”

Björn tested out many different music platforms but had a hard time finding quality music that felt up-to-date. “I got tired of the songs on other platforms and wanted to find something new. That is when I turned to Epidemic Sound’s Commercial Plan.”

Björn used a track called Leaving Serengeti by Ooyy for the Northern Lights how-to tutorial. “The upbeat music matched well with the time lapse of the Northern Lights that was moving quite fast through the sky. A lot of the music I used was electronic, and it felt suitable for the incredible light show,” he said.

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We hope you enjoy the episodes and learn new filmmaking tips and tricks. Leave your comments on the video and share it with your friends on social media using the #HowToFilmThis.

If you are a Storyhunter freelancer or production company with an idea for the next episode, send us an email: community@storyhunter.com.

By Shivan Sarna, Head of Stories