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Powered by Storyhunter: Zapier Customer Testimonial Video

Zapier, an automation tool, leveraged Storyhunter to bring this story-driven commercial testimonial video to life.
Powered by Storyhunter: Zapier Customer Testimonial Video

Zapier, an automation tool, leveraged Storyhunter to bring this story-driven commercial testimonial video to life.

What is the business?

Zapier is a B2B online automation tool that connects apps and services. Companies can connect two or more apps to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration.

What is the idea behind the video?

Zapier wanted to create a story-driven customer testimonial showing how their product is helping small and medium businesses work more efficiently and continue to grow. The video features one of their clients, Taylor & Hart, a London-based jeweler specializing in bespoke engagement rings. One aim of the piece was to promote the many different and compelling ways companies are using Zapier.

“It’s very inspirational,” said Zapier Video Production Lead David Quintanilla. “You wouldn’t think of custom jewelry as a type of business that might be able to automate their workflow, as they don’t have that tech background. It’s interesting to spark people’s curiosity about how you can use Zapier to make your business a lot better.”

Taylor & Hart’s story caught Zapier’s attention because the automation tool helped the jewelry brand cut down their production of custom rings from one year to just six weeks. Plus, David says the visuals were varied and engaging. “They had a cool workplace where they were making the rings. Their office was nice. And they had personable people that were able to talk through the story.”

Who is the production company?

Storyhunter matched Zapier with several top-tier production companies that lined up with their budget and creative vision. Zapier ultimately chose Fable Films, a UK-based production company that partners with “modern brands to create entertainment.” They produce original scripted and documentary films for streaming, broadcast, and cinema. Driven by stories with “strong visual ambition,” Fable Films has worked on commercials and branded content series for clients like Apple, Facebook, Prada, and LinkedIn.

What was the production process?

Zapier created different versions of the customer testimonial to use as ads. Their deliverables included a 120 second, 90 second, 60 second, 30 second, and 15 second cut in different formats.

Zapier has a small two-person video production team, so they heavily leaned on Fable Films to see the project through from start to finish. David says Fable Films was particularly helpful in sourcing and vetting client stories during the pre-production phase. The production company shortlisted three clients from an original list of 200. “They gave our team a lot more flexibility to continue working on the projects that were business-critical internally while also being able to create one of these customer stories,” David told us.

Want to know more about Zapier’s video marketing strategy? Watch our IGTV chat with David here.

How was the video received?

The Taylor & Hart piece was Zapier’s first customer testimonial video, and it set the bar very high.

“To directly quote our CEO, it was the best video we have ever made.”

It not only helped Zapier tell its brand story but also made an impact internally at the company. “It showed employees how Zapier is used,” David said. “Sometimes, it is hard to think about Zapier in the physical world. Zapier happens in the background, so you don’t see it. Now, you can see the outcome that someone can get their custom jewelry done in a fraction of the time.”

For Zapier, this piece was just the beginning: “We are hoping to build a big collection of customer stories from around the world,” that will strengthen their brand story and educate audiences about their product, David said.

By Shivan Sarna, Head of Stories