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Exciting Product Update: Now Add Creators to Your Network From Across Your Enterprise!

Exciting Product Update: Now Add Creators to Your Network From Across Your Enterprise!
The "My Network" section of the Creator Management Platform (CMP).

Our team wants to ensure a smooth and hassle-free production process. That's why we've been working hard to enhance our creator management tools.

We have updated the "My Network" section of the Creator Management Platform (CMP). You can now search for creators in your organization's sister companies by looking for the "Enterprise-wide" checkbox on the "My Network" page of your CMP.

“I am super excited about this update because it gives our enterprise clients the flexibility to manage their workforce through the lens of an individual brand’s rolodex, a node in an enterprise-wide referral network, or as a mix of both,” said Max Schwartz, Storyhunter’s VP of Product.

“It’s like having an entire network of creators at your disposal that all have a client in common.”

It's time to let your imagination run wild and create something truly extraordinary! Keep reading to see the specific steps on getting started.

How To Tap Into Creators Across Your Enterprise

Toggle on the Enterprise-wide checkbox, and search across your enterprise for additional creators who aren’t in-network.

Remember, when using this tool to search for creators, this option will only search across sister companies (in other words, it will search for creators belonging to different companies within your Enterprise). For example, if you work at NovaCo WORLD,  you can search for creators at NovaCo DIGITAL since they are both subsidiaries of NovaCo.

These creators will have a green “extended network” label, as seen below.

Additionally, you can select the creator's profile picture to view their profile, allowing you to see the exact sister company the creator is a part of.

Good news! Hiring an extended network creator is as simple as hiring an in-network creator. Like your in-network creators, extended network creators won't incur fees for working with you.

If you want to include an extended network creator in your pool of in-network creators, all you need to do is invite them as you would any other creator. Head to the My Network page of your CMP, click on the invite button and provide the creator's information. Once you hit "send invite," we will add the extended network creator to your in-network creators.

It's as easy as 1,2,3 to add and collaborate with talent from your extended network. Start inviting those amazing creators today and see your projects thrive!

Curious to learn how an Enterprise-wide network can benefit your organization? Reach out to our Creative Advisors at salesteam@storyhunter.com