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#ScreenUpLA Recap: Featuring VICE Sports, POV, Ford and Airbnb

#ScreenUpLA Recap: Featuring VICE Sports, POV, Ford and Airbnb

ScreenUp LA Recap: Featuring VICE Sports, POV, Ford , and Airbnb

Every time the Storyhunter ScreenUp lands in a new city it takes on a new shape. In Los Angeles last week, a mix of creative directors, documentary filmmakers, actors, journalists, music video producers and photographers opened a new chapter. Even in the entertainment capital of the world, which has an abundance of film festivals, there seems to be an untapped niche: short-form video from LA and around the world.

First-time ScreenUp attendee and LA-based creative producer and director Ella Franklin said it best: “It can really create a home-grown collaborative community and spur everybody to understand that collaboration is global. I’ve never really been to something quite like this before.”

Big thanks to m ss ng p eces, one of the leading production companies in the US, for hosting us at their unique LA office, which they transformed into a workspace from a distillery. The event lineup was diverse: Airbnb, VICE Sports, POV and Ford. Each video truly exemplified short-form video storytelling at its best.

Next up is ScreenUp SF, on Thursday Feb 25th (RSVP).

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Here’s the Recap of ScreenUp LA:

“Host A Runner, Meet The World: Elisa”

Production Company: m ss ng p eces

Producer: Alberto Chelleri

Brand: Airbnb

“Host A Runner, Meet The World: Kenneth”

Production Company: m ss ng p eces

Producer: Sifiso Khanyile

Brand: Airbnb

Sifiso Khanyile called into #ScreenUpLA from Johannesburg. The time difference meant it was 6a.m. for him. But, luckily for us, he said he’s a morning person and didn’t mind. Sifiso is an award-winning doc filmmaker in South Africa but doesn’t usually do work for brands, so this spot took him a bit out of his comfort zone, he said. He had 48 hours to produce the piece for m sss ng p eces, so he had to quickly organize a local creative crew. Either way, he pulled it off like a pro.

“Go further: It Is Possible”

Director: Tucker Walsh

Brand: Ford

Director Tucker Walsh was working out of m ss ng p eces’ Brooklyn office the day of the ScreenUp, so he called in via video chat to take questions for this beautifully crafted piece. It received a big round of applause at the event. Walsh said that even though it was commissioned by Ford the story of the protagonist really inspired him so it became a “passion project” for him and his team.

“The 7 Foot Center of Two Miamis”

Publisher: VICE Sports

Producers: Janelle Gueits and Adrian Baschuk

Miami-based producers Adrian Baschuk and Janelle Gueits happened to be in Los Angeles the day of the screening. They said VICE Sports producers really cared about the story and pushed them to make it better while being sensitive to the complexities of the story.

“The Jazz Ticket”

Publisher: POV

Producers: Noel True and Rob King

Noel True presented one of the videos that she produced a few years ago through Storyhunter for POV, PBS’s longest running documentary series. If you haven’t seen this one, you’re missing out.

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Hope to see you at the next ScreenUp!

Alex Ragir, co-founder