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See Our Brand New Freelancer Profiles!

As a video production marketplace connecting thousands of clients and freelancers every year, we understand that quick and simple…
See Our Brand New Freelancer Profiles!

As a video production marketplace connecting thousands of clients and freelancers every year, we understand that quick and simple discovery of talent is paramount to our entire community. The freelancer profile page is the first point of interaction between a client and a freelancer. It is the place where a freelancer’s interests, style, and professionalism are communicated to a potential client for the first time. It is a place where connections are made and trust is built. This trust is the basis for what in many cases becomes a meaningful and long-lasting, working relationship.

In order to design this experience, we listened to feedback from all types of community members, brands, publishers, production studios, production companies, and freelancers. For freelancers and production companies, this is your new portfolio page — it is the place to showcase your work for actual clients. For our brand, publisher, and studio clients, it is a video-centric experience that should quickly make it clear if the person or company is the right fit for any video project. Utility and simplicity guided this design, and with that, we are excited to present our new freelancer profile pages.

Video-Centric Design

First and foremost, our freelancer profile page is video-centric. Right at the top of the page you see videos! We know that watching videos is the first thing most people do when they are looking at a freelancer profile. We made it easy for you and included relevant information about each video thumbnail when you hover over them. This puts the emphasis on things that only a video can convey: style, aesthetic, format and capabilities — making vetting as easy as possible.

Our updated, video-first, profile makes finding the right talent easier than ever.

Easy Portfolio Building

Freelancers are increasingly using their Storyhunter profiles as their online portfolio website, adding their latest projects whether they are completing them. We’ve made it easier to personalize the page and add content. When a freelancer works with a given client on Storyhunter or submits a verified project, their logo and review are automatically added to their profile, along with the finished video when it is published.

Quickly see who the freelancer has worked with previously, establishing trust in their professional experience.

Share Your Work

Our freelancers and production companies will now be able to share their profiles, or specific projects they’ve done, on social media. This will transform our freelance profiles into a multi-dimensional portfolio page for highlighting their body of work and demonstrating their capabilities — both on and off Storyhunter.

Share profiles on social media in as little as one click.

Find and Hire Faster

On the client side, freelancers can simply send their Storyhunter profile link, and you can see everything you need all in one place — verified projects, reels, work samples, reviews and testimonials from brands in your industry. It is a one-stop shop to gauge credentials and capabilities — and then quickly make the hire. We know that great working relationships start with one-thing: trust. That’s why these new profiles emphasize reviews from top brands in the industry.

Clients can read exclusive reviews from top brands in the industry to ensure they’ve found the right candidate.

Better Freelancer Management Tools

We’ve also made it easier to find and store private information on freelancer profiles. In addition to the publicly available information about freelancers, clients now have a dedicated area for viewing and managing their private data about freelancers. You can see your own work history, or colleagues’ work histories, with a freelancer, services they’ve performed for your company, and add internal notes.

Clients can store private notes for their team to keep track of their relationship to individual freelancers.

More Efficient Hiring Workflows

We know it can be exhausting to sift through individual profiles trying to find the right candidate, so we’ve updated our Search function to be able to view profiles inline, without the need to switch browser tabs/windows. This will make it much simpler to quickly compare candidates, add freelancers to your network or hire a freelancer. Once you’ve hired a freelancer, we are still the fastest and easiest way to re-hire them for any kind of video project.

In-line profile viewing eliminates the need for multiple tabs, and keeps clutter to a minimum, making the client experience streamlined.

Better SEO for Freelancers

We designed these profile pages with search engine optimization for video professionals as a top priority. We understand that freelancers need to be discoverable in order to get hired. Freelancers who do not get hired enough have a tough time excelling in our industry. It’s in everyone’s best interests that freelancers are as successful as possible. Therefore, we are working with Google to ensure that Storyhunter freelancer profiles, with their rich content, get ranked highly for all video production related searches.

These kinds of improvements are made possible thanks to your feedback. We want to make Storyhunter the ultimate tool for video-professionals, and learning what matters to you is the only way we can do that.

-the Storyhunter Staff


To see the updated Freelancer Profiles, simply login to your Storyhunter account and start browsing.


To see what else the new Freelancer Profiles can do for you, visit our Help site.


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