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Storyhunter joins the #FreeAustinTice campaign

There are countless journalists who’ve been killed or are still missing in Syria. Austin Tice is one of them. Before his abduction in August 2012, Austin worked for the McClatchy Newspapers, the Washington Post, BBC, AP and others.

Storyhunter has partnered with Reporters Without Borders in a worldwide campaign to raise awareness for Austin Tice. The U.S. State Department just confirmed being in direct contact with Syrian government officials to discuss Austin Tice’s case.

Join us in this campaign. We are collecting photos and short videos of all our Storyhunters around the world:

STEP 1. Wear a black blindfold or cloth around your eyes.

STEP 2. Take a photo or 10 second video (in which you can say: “#FreeAustinTice”). Be as creative as you’d like.

STEP 3. Send your photo or video to mariana@storyhunter.tv with the subject line #FreeAustinTice

Anyone can take part in the #FreeAustinTice by taking The Blindfold Pledge. The blindfold symbolizes the fact that when journalists are kidnapped/silenced, all of us are less informed. Also, in the last video we saw with Austin, he was forced to wear a blindfold.

Thanks for helping Austin, and freelance journalists everywhere.

You can read more about the campaign on this Reporters Without Borders page.

We look forward to getting your photos and videos!

*By sending us your photo/video, you allow Storyhunter and Reporters Without Borders to use it in communications regarding the #FreeAustinTice campaign.