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Storyhunter Launches Suite of Livestreaming Services

We are excited to announce that we are now offering a suite of livestreaming services, including mobile livestreaming, HD Live Operators…
Storyhunter Launches Suite of Livestreaming Services
Photo by Aaron Parecki

We are excited to announce that we are now offering a suite of livestreaming services, including mobile livestreaming, HD Live Operators, and Full-Service Live Production. After much success developing our network of mobile journalists around the world for digital publications such as AJ+, Fusion, and The Weather Channel, Storyhunter is expanding into livestream services for TV broadcast and larger scale event coverage.

To kick off the launch, we will be producing our own live content series on Periscope, giving viewers a personal, behind-the-scenes look at the journalists who are reporting on the world’s biggest breaking news stories. We’ll be building out a roster of mobile journalists, or “Mojos,” to take us along on their journeys. You can follow the reports on our Twitter and Periscope.

To be considered for the Periscope project, sign up or simply update your existing profile with examples of mobile journalism or livestreaming you’ve done. Then email support@storyhunter.com to get access to livestreaming assignments.

Still from Storyhunter platform, showing how freelancers can choose the services they are available for.

Here’s a breakdown of the services we are launching:

Mobile Livestreaming:

Mobile journalists produce content with a smartphone for social media (Facebook, Instagram, Periscope, etc.) and interact with their audience. They have experience telling stories from the palm of their hands. These videos are often shot vertically and, since they are being shot on a smartphone, can go live at any moment. Digital media companies commission mobile journalists to capture breaking news for social media (like AJ+) and brands look to hire them to produce stories for Snapchat or Instagram, or to cover events or interviews.

Services & Equipment: Producing livestreams from a smartphone for Facebook Live, Periscope, or another streaming service. Equipment generally includes a stabilizer, mics, and lighting.

AJ+ commissioned a mobile journalist to help them livestream their reporter at a solidarity protest again Trump.

HD Live Operator:

When media companies or brands want a higher quality, more reliable feed (sometimes the live feed from the 4G network of a smartphone can be less stable), they need different software or hardware. With more reliable live feeds like LiveU, BGan, or a satellite phone, you can use a HDMI or HD-SDI camera, and send the feed live for TV broadcast or for streaming online. Companies hiring for this service expect that the freelancer already knows how to set up a live feed through these methods, so it’s a specialty service.

Services & Equipment: A professional camera operator with equipment. Equipment generally includes LiveU, BGan, satellite phone, satellite truck, and more.The Weather Channel hired a livestreamer to cover a SpaceX launch on Facebook Live.

Full Service Live Production:

For larger events, conferences, or panels, companies often want a full service live production company to handle a multi-camera shoot. This often means hiring a small crew with a technical director, encoding engineer, and along with multiple camera operators.

Services & Equipment: Full-service crewing for professional live productions. This generally includes multi-camera shooting, real-time encoding, and a technical director.

For a Facebook Live conversation with their CEO and other executives, the Gates Foundation hired a livestreaming production company for the three-camera shoot with a real-time switch operator and encoding engineer.

If you have any questions about these services or want to let us know that you’ve updated your profile, please reach out to support@storyhunter.com.

And don’t forget to watch us on Twitter in coming weeks!

Happy Hunting,

Storyhunter Team