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Storyhunter Response to the Devastating Turkey-Syria Earthquake

Storyhunter Response to the Devastating Turkey-Syria Earthquake
Destroyed buildings are seen from above in Antakya, southeastern Turkey, Thursday, Feb. 9, 2023. Source: AP

The devastating earthquake in Turkey and Syria killed over 40,000 people. In the wake of the tragedy - among the deadliest in recent world history - we ask our global community to do what it can to donate to one of the many organizations helping civilians on the ground with necessities like medical care, shelter, and food. We will share several links at the bottom of this page where you can donate and directly help relief efforts.

We have been in touch with many of our freelancers on the ground in Turkey and Syria, whose top priority is getting their families and loved ones to safety.

For those freelancers who can work or are considering returning to the field to share information on relief efforts, please follow CPJ’s safety advice for natural disasters here.

Finally, effective February 10, 2023, we will waive all freelancer fees for any projects in Turkey and Syria completed on Storyhunter relating to the earthquake and its aftermath. We will also expedite freelancer earnings on the platform upon request. Just let us know, and we will get the money paid out to you ASAP, rather than the standard 30 days.

We stand with our freelance community in Turkey and Syria and are thinking about you constantly.

Please stay safe,

Jaron and the Storyhunter Team

Here are a few places to donate:

Union of Medical Relief and Care Organizations
International Federation of Red Cross
Doctors Without Borders
Care International