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Storyhunter Staff Picks: August 2019

Storyhunter Staff Picks: August 2019
Storyhunter Staff Picks: August 2019
Background Image from Seeker’s How Einstein’s Eclipse Changed the Course of Physics Forever

Storyhunter Staff Picks: August 2019

August was another exciting month for the Storyhunter Community. We had the pleasure of unveiling our new expedited payments and advances workflow, which allows freelancers to get paid in as little as 3–5 days, so that they can continue to create impressive work for companies all around the world. Take a look at five of our favorite videos from the past month that amazing freelancers from our network have helped create for brands including Instagram, VICE, TicToc and more.

#HiddenGems: Aerial Adventures with @aleta_ventures
Storyhunter Documentary Shooter: Savannah Cummins

Instagram began using Storyhunter to hire freelancers, around the world, for their IGTV series, #HiddenGems and #Advocates. They needed a Documentary DP for this project about an aerialist who does her work in the canyons of Utah. They received a number of applicants and decided to work with Storyhunter freelancer Savannah Cummins. She’s a filmmaker and photographer based of Salt Lake City, Utah who has a love for the outdoors. In the past, Savannah has worked with Google, The North Face and Patagonia.

Instagram on Instagram: ""Getting to blend and become part of the outdoors around you, it feels…
1.4m Likes, 16.8k Comments - Instagram (@instagram) on Instagram: ""Getting to blend and become part of the outdoors…

Confronting Brazil’s Gang Violence With Tattoos
Storyhunter Video Journalist: Bruno Giulia

VICE posted a Calls for Pitches in search of exciting and unique stories about tattoo scenes and subcultures around the world, as well as freelancers who could film them. VICE moved forward with three pitches they received, including this one from Bruno Giulia, a freelance video journalist from Cinecitta, Italy. Bruno’s pitch involved a video he shot three years ago, and, at the request of the producer, he traveled back to Brazil to reshoot an updated version for VICE. Bruno has also connected and worked with Great Big Story, the New York Post and Atlas Obscura on Storyhunter.

Saving Penguins With Fakes
TicToc by Bloomberg
Storyhunter Video Journalist: Julia Jaki

TicToc by Bloomberg put up a Call for Pitches looking for environmental solutions-based stories in South Africa. They were looking for “ordinary people who are making a major difference in their communities by bringing solutions to environmental problems”. Julia Jaki, a freelance video journalist in Cape Town, South Africa responded with a story about Christina Hagen’s project that is solving the African Penguin’s food-shortage issue. TicToc green lit her idea and after she helped make this awesome piece, they left her a 5-star rating on her Storyhunter profile for her incredible work.

How Einstein’s Eclipse Changed the Course of Physics Forever
Storyhunter Documentary Shooter: Kadeh Ferreira

Seeker, one of Group Nine Media’s brands, received a pitch from Kadeh Ferreira surrounding Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. Upon receiving the pitch, they communicated their interest using our updated dashboard. Seeker designed the shot list, but allowed Kadeh to have creative control to help get this unique video. Kadeh Ferreira is a video journalist/photographer who works with a production company in Rio de Janeiro called Da Cartola Producões. He’s also worked with The Gates Foundation, AJ+ and Bloomberg Philanthropies on Storyhunter.

How Einstein's Eclipse Changed the Course of Physics Forever
Watch How Einstein's Eclipse Changed the Course of Physics Forever, a Space video from Seeker.

What a Passport Says About Your Privilege
Doha Debates
Storyhunter Senior Producer: Zac Rigg

Doha Debates was in need of a Senior Producer for this video that outlines the discrepancies between passports from different countries around the world. They hired Zac Rigg, a video creator from Los Angeles, California, who has experience as a Creative Director. Zac has worked with Doha Debates in the past, and has done similar work with animation for Fusion Media Networks.


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By Jake Watkins, Storyhunter Writer