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Storyhunter Takeover: @nubareports

Storyhunter Takeover: @nubareports

Instagram Takeover: Nuba Reports

This week Nuba Reports took over our Instagram account to share some photos from their growing coverage of the Nuba region in Sudan. The collection presents photographs taken by Nuba Reports citizen journalists who were trained by the organization.

It is illegal for both national and international journalists to report on the conflict taking place in the Nuba Mountains — a remote region closed off by the Sudanese Government. Therefore, Nuba Reports has become a crucial source of information for international news outlets as well as governments and NGOs.

Program director Trevor Snapp said Nuba Reports journalists are best suited to deliver reports on the conflict, since they’re the ones living through it, and witnessing it everyday.

“As Nubans who speak the language, understand the context, and are living it day in and day out, they know more about the conflict than anyone,” he said. In working with Nuba Reports, these local journalists are able to tell their stories and that of the ongoing conlfict, to an international audience.

Nuba Reports journalists are often reporting and filming on the frontlines, bringing information out of a region that is often underreported. In addition to the ongoing conflicts, they seek cultural stories to help illustrate the resilience the local population possess in preserving their culture in the face of war. Through partnering with large international new organizations like PBS, The Guardian, Quartz Africa, IRIN, and AFP, Nuba Reports is able to reach a larger global audience.

This project also serves as an historical archive for the Nuban people. Not only does it give voice to the citizens of South Kordofan and raise awareness of the conflict, it provides a record of these events so that they are never forgotten.

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