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The 2019 Storyhunter Staff Picks

The Storyhunter Community is full of talented filmmakers, journalists, producers, and freelancers of many other creative disciplines. The…
The 2019 Storyhunter Staff Picks
Image Source: Racing to Preserve Mongolia’s History — QuickTake by Bloomberg (Shot by Peter Bittner)

The Storyhunter Community is full of talented filmmakers, journalists, producers, and freelancers of many other creative disciplines. The projects selected to The 2019 Storyhunter Staff Picks are perfect examples of the quality of work that freelancers deliver on Storyhunter every single day. They are fascinating, visually stunning, and truly represent our diverse, worldwide community.

Congratulations to everyone who worked on these stories! May you continue to tell stories from every corner of the world!

Best Vertical Video

#HiddenGems: Aerial Adventures with @aleta_ventures

Videographer: Savannah Cummins

Instagram uses Storyhunter to hire freelancers around the world for their IGTV series #HiddenGems. They needed a Documentary DP for this project about an aerialist who does her work in the canyons of Utah. They received a number of applicants and decided to work with freelancer Savannah Cummins. She’s a filmmaker and photographer from Salt Lake City, Utah, who has a love for the outdoors. In the past, Savannah has worked with Google, The North Face and Patagonia.

Instagram on Instagram: ""Getting to blend and become part of the outdoors around you, it feels…
1.5m Likes, 16.9k Comments - Instagram (@instagram) on Instagram: ""Getting to blend and become part of the outdoors…

Best Environmental Video

Racing to Preserve Mongolia’s History

QuickTake by Bloomberg
Video Journalist: Peter Bittner

Bloomberg’s QuickTake was looking for a video journalist, who could also shoot some drone footage for this story about an archaeology expedition in Mongolia. They hired Peter Bittner, a Storyhunter freelancer who moved to Mongolia after earning a Master’s Degree in New Media Journalism from UC Berkeley. Peter has also worked with CNN International, Al Jazeera and The New York Times, and has the goal of “telling some of Mongolia’s most underreported stories”.

Best Sports Video

A Visit with the Dubón Family in Honduras

San Francisco Giants
Video Journalist: Valentina Pereda

The San Francisco Giants are one of the most historic franchises in the MLB and this year, they signed Mauricio Dubon, the first player to be born and raised in Honduras to make it to the big leagues. The team needed a video journalist to travel to his hometown of San Pedro Sula, to tell the story of how he made it out of one of the most dangerous cities in Honduras. They hired Valentina Pereda who reports on a lot of tragic stories in Central America. She said, “It’s special to cover an inspiring story that’s filled with hope.”

Best Drone Photography

Germany’s Adventure Park Is Home to Europe’s Largest Scuba Diving Pool

Great Big Story
Video Journalist: Brian Papish

Great Big Story needed a Video Journalist for this video showcasing Europe’s largest scuba diving pool located in Duisburg, Germany. For the tenth time, they hired Brian Papish, an independent producer and editor from Berlin, Germany. Brian is just one of many examples of a freelancer that has grown a great relationship with a digital publisher through Storyhunter.

Best Use of Motion Graphics/Animation

Are Future Water Wars Inevitable?

Doha Debates
Motion Graphics Designer: Zac Rigg

Doha Debates was in need of a Senior Producer/Motion Graphics Designer for this eye-opening video about earth’s water supply. They hired Zac Rigg, a video creator from Los Angeles, California. He also has experience as a Creative Director has worked with Doha Debates six times now. Doha Debates’ videos “examine complex global issues” like capitalism, world-wide passport inequality and the refugee crisis, just to name a few.

Best Mini-Doc Series

Instagram: #Advocates

Instagram’s own Instagram account (@Instagram) is the most popular social media account in the world, with a diverse audience of 324 million followers. In 2019, they began hiring freelancers on Storyhunter to shoot and edit mini-docs for multiple IGTV series, including #Advocates, this year’s Best Mini-Doc Series. #Advocates tells the stories of people all over the world who are looking to make the world a better place, like actress/oceans activist Shailene Woodley and climate change activist Greta Thunberg.

Instagram on Instagram: "At just 16, activist Greta Thunberg has been nominated for the Nobel Peace…
1m Likes, 10.3k Comments - Instagram (@instagram) on Instagram: "At just 16, activist Greta Thunberg has been nominated…

Best Video for a Non Profit

Sick History: Malaria

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Executive Producer: Storyhunter Studios

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation partnered with Storyhunter Studios to produce this six-minute, informative piece on the history of Malaria. Believe it or not, Malaria is the disease that has had the single largest impact on the human species. In this video, Dr. Jennifer Gardy explains how Malaria affected the way people lived from the days of Celopatra’s reign, to Europe in the 1600s.

Best Untold Story

The Last Inhabitant of Argentina’s Flooded City

BBC Reel
Documentary Filmmaker: Martin Errichiello

BBC Reel put a Call for Pitches up on Storyhunter, looking for stories that “look at particular trends, case studies, and moments that are shaping work and life for different generations across the globe”. They received 47 pitches and produced videos for 4 of them, including this one from Martin Errichiello, about a flooded city in Argentina that recently emerged from its waters. Martin did a fantastic job of capturing the destruction that the area experienced and the nostalgia that Pablo has for the place he calls home, garnering a five-star-rating from BBC Reel.

The last inhabitant of Argentina's flooded city - BBC Reel
Villa Epecuén was a small town in the Buenos Aires province, founded in 1920 on the shores of a salt lake. The healing…

Best Customer Testimonial

Rae Robinson Uncovers Father and 3 Half-Sisters With MyHeritage

Documentary DP: Erik Mauck

MyHeritage needed a Documentary DP to capture this story surrounding one of their users, who met her three half sisters and her father for the very first time. They decided to hire Erik Mauck, a freelancer based in Austin, Texas, just over an hour away from the shoot, which was in San Antonio. Erik has worked with 13 different companies on Storyhunter, including Business Insider, NBC News, and Verizon. This is one of many emotional customer stories that MyHeritage has told with the help of freelancers on Storyhunter.

Best Explainer Video

Infrastructure: The Hardest Easiest Problem

Bloomberg Law
Editor/Motion Graphics Designer: Aulistar Mark

Bloomberg hired the Storyhunter Studios Post-production Unit to edit and add motion graphics to this explainer video about America’s infrastructure. Storyhunter Studios managed the production of the project and worked with Motion Graphics Designer Aulistar Mark to ensure the highest quality for Bloomberg Law. This was the first project Aulistar completed on Storyhunter, and it earned him a five-star-review and praise for his “talent and professionalism”.

Best Mini-Doc

This Soup Has Been Simmering For 45 Years

Great Big Story
Documentary DP: Anirban Mahaptra

Every once in a while, a story is so compelling and people find a genuine interest in it, that it has the potential to go viral. When brands are able to tell a fascinating story in a visually stunning way, their digital content can break out. That’s exactly what happened with Great Big Story’s piece on the Bangkok restaurant, Wattana Panich’s soup that’s been cooking for 45 years. Great Big Story found this incredible subject and hired local Storyhunter freelancer Anirban Mahapatra to deliver the remarkable visuals.

Best Live-Stream

Amazon Fires Coverage by Happs

Happs is a web-based news platform that specializes in bringing live coverage of major events around the world to its community. On any given day, you can find live-streams of political rallies, sporting events and in this case, natural disasters. Throughout 2019, the Amazon rainforest has been ravaged by wildfires. Happs worked with multiple international freelancers to keep people around the world updated on the state of the region in real time.

Best 360°/VR Video

Determined For Hope: Manal al Amal

AJ Contrast
360° Documentary Videographer: Amal Al Yarisi

AJ Contrast is a division of Al Jazeera that specializes in creating immersive 360° documentary films. This piece tells the stories of mothers and children currently living through the wars in Yemen, as they suffer from malnutrition and try to survive one of the worst humanitarian crises the world is facing today.

Determined for Hope: Manal al Amal - AJ Contrast
Manal Qaed Alwesabi, a Yemeni journalist, has witnessed the four years of war in Yemen cut the lives of too many…

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