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The Best Camera Insurance Plans for Freelancers

As a freelance shooter, you have probably invested thousands of dollars into your camera equipment. Since anything is possible during a…
The Best Camera Insurance Plans for Freelancers

As a freelance shooter, you have probably invested thousands of dollars into your camera equipment. Since anything is possible during a production, it’s a good idea to protect that investment by insuring it. While there are tons of insurance providers, here are the ones that offer worldwide coverage and the best deals.

A number of photographer or videographer freelance organizations offer insurance as part of their membership benefits:

American Photographic Artists

Membership to the APA can cost as little as $125 for access to their insurance plans. However, for equipment coverage only, the annual premium starts at $400 for members and $500 for non-members. The members plan is worldwide and covers up to $31,000 for theft, mysterious disappearance, fire, vandalism, and accidental breakage.

Professional Photographers of America

With their Professional Active membership, which costs $323 per year, you can get equipment insurance without a premium cost. The Photo Care insurance plan covers up to $15,000 for loss due to fire, theft, and equipment breakage with deductibles at $250 for the first loss to $750 for the third. They also offer memberships to international photographers and videographers.

American Society of Media Photographers

While they don’t offer equipment specific insurance, members of the ASMP can get comprehensive insurance that starts at $325 per year. However, membership dues range from $140 to $335 per year and may require sponsorship to join.

Some companies offer equipment insurance through brokers or as comprehensive plans for small businesses:

TCP Insurance

Their General Liability and Camera Equipment Insurance policies start at $500 per year, but they don’t give exact quotes. Their coverage is worldwide and includes theft and accidental breakage at replacement cost. They also offer short-term rental insurance.


In order to cover equipment damage with Hiscox, you have to purchase their business owner insurance policy. This policy combines general liability insurance with property insurance and may cost upwards of $500 per year.


Insureon’s property insurance plan is customizable, depending on factors such as whether you’re traveling or if you need your equipment to be replace at full value. Their property insurance covers theft and fire damage and sometimes risks, such as natural disasters, particular to where you’re working.

If these options don’t work for you, homeowners insurance will sometimes include property, such as camera equipment. Small business insurance plans, which usually includes liability and property, can also cover your equipment for you. Depending on the value of what you own and where you live, be aware that the above plans could vary.

What insurers have you used to protect your equipment?