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Want To Use Video To Grow Business? Learn From These 3 SMBs

There are numerous benefits of using video as a small or medium-sized business (SMB), from expanding understanding of your product or…
Want To Use Video To Grow Business? Learn From These 3 SMBs

There are numerous benefits of using video as a small or medium-sized business (SMB), from expanding understanding of your product or service, boosting email click-throughs, building stronger brand affiliation, to increasing conversions. Plus, it’s no secret that consumers prefer watching videos over reading lengthy posts. These videos may be on a businesses’s YouTube channel, social media page, or embedded on their website. We’ve rounded up three small businesses using Storyhunter to create fantastic marketing videos. We hope it inspires you to take advantage of this powerful visual medium to tell your brand story.


AiFi is a technology company that makes retail stores autonomous. Founded in 2016, AiFi uses a combination of AI, edge computing, and scalable sensor fusion technology to deliver auto-checkout operations for stores such as Carrefour and Zabka. The California-based small business has 74 full-time employees and has tapped into the power of video to explain how it’s transforming the shopping experience. They hired Storyhunter freelancer Gleb Torubarov to film this product video that gives a virtual tour of their 4,000 square foot hybrid convenience store in Shanghai, China.

Why AiFi uses Storyhunter: “Storyhunter has allowed our business to efficiently capture and develop professional content of our stores across the world. We have been impressed with the global reach as well as the caliber of freelancers featured on Storyhunter.” — Alexandros Sophocleous, Head of Marketing

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A team of 20 people, Wyzowl is an animated explainer video production company headquartered in Merseyside, England. Launched in 2011, Wyzowl has created custom graphics for companies such as Kodak, Deloitte, and LG. They hired a team in Denmark to film this customer testimonial featuring one of their clients, Configit. Testimonials are a great way to highlight your customers’ successes and how your company has helped them. Eighty-nine percent of marketers say video testimonials are one of the most effective promotion tools, according to B2B Content Marketing.

Why Wyzowl uses Storyhunter: “Storyhunter lets us provide live action video services to our clients on a global basis without having our own videographers in all of the countries our clients operate in. This gives us a global reach on an as needed basis. This is extremely powerful for us.” — Matt Byrom, Managing Director


Wantdo is an online fashion company selling outdoor apparel for both men and women. Founded in 2011, Wantdo employs 100 people and says its committed to creating products worn in many different conditions. They discovered and hired Storyhunter freelancer Jessica Peterson to film a one-minute commercial highlighting the versatility of their clothing.

Why Wantdo uses Storyhunter: “We chose Storyhunter because it provides access to talented freelance filmmakers with a detailed portfolio of their projects and background. Therefore we were able to find the right person for our project. We also appreciate the fact that Storyhunter provides an easy way to monitor and manage a project. We find the whole process very easy and Storyhunter certainly helps to reduce friction or miscommunication.” — Jane Feng, Director of Operations

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By Shivan Sarna, Head of Stories