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What Are Day Rates for Video Production Roles? Here’s Your Go-To Guide

Hiring talented professionals for your next video production doesn’t have to be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together a handy list of…
What Are Day Rates for Video Production Roles? Here’s Your Go-To Guide

Hiring talented professionals for your next video production doesn’t have to be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve put together a handy list of essential crew members for any shoot. You can choose to hire a full-service production company or a handful of video professionals to help bring your vision to life. What you decide depends on the size and flexibility of your video production as well as your budget.

Learn about the roles and average day rates below:

Production Management

Production Company

A Production Company handles all aspects of production and crewing from start to finish. Hire a production company if you want to take a more hands-off approach and receive a final polished video.

Average Day Rate: $1,000-$10,000+

Executive Producer

Executive Producers are highly experienced leaders who can manage all aspects of production, branding, design in addition to editorial and creative direction for a full marketing campaign. They make the high level production decisions.

Average Day Rate: $800-$2,000

Senior Producer/Project Manager

Senior producers report to an executive producer and can handle crewing, budgeting, production management, and editorial direction. They make sure the production runs smoothly and are often in direct contact with the client.

Average Day Rate: $1,000-$2,000

Creative Director

Creative Directors bring an artistic sensibility to complex video projects and typically oversee the development and production of the shoot. You can turn to Storyhunter Select, our premium service where clients are matched with Creative Directors who can implement their strategic vision to deliver high-quality results.

Average Day Rate: $800-$1,500

Line Producer

Line Producers are often the first people to hire for a production shoot. They take care of all the day-to-day aspects of field production including budgeting, hiring crew members, making sure everything is running on schedule among other logistical issues. The line producer will oversee the production wrap and hand it over to the post-production supervisor.

Average Day Rate: $800-$1,500

Non-Fiction Film Director

A director for non-fiction video and film handles the dramatic interpretation of the script while guiding the production team.

Average Day Rate: $800-$1,500

Production Coordinator/Crewing

Production Coordinators help find, vet, and hire top-notch crew members. They coordinate travel, accommodation, permits and visas for the crew. They can also help with script development.

Average Day Rate: $600-$1,200

Post-Production Manager

The Post-Production Manager oversees a team of editors to ensure quality and efficient execution of the final video product.

Average Day Rate: $800-$1,500


Director of Photography (DP)

The Director of Photography works in tandem with the Director to interpret the look of the film. The DP chooses what cameras, lenses and filters will be used and is responsible for everything that impacts the actual filming process (for example, lighting and camera angles). If it is a small production, the DP can also work as the Camera Operator.

Average Day Rate: $500-$800

Commercial DP

Commercial DPs have the necessary experience shooting ad spots in the field or on-set. You can use Storyhunter Select to hire Commercial DPs who can dynamically bring your brand vision to life.

Average Day Rate: $600-$1,500

Corporate DP

Corporate DPs specialize in shooting and producing content for companies at events, panels or other engagements.

Average Day Rate: $600-$800

Drone Operator

These videographers capture breathtaking footage and images from an aerial perspective using drones. Check out our blog post outlining the ways in which Storyhunter freelancers are helping clients take their businesses to new heights with drone storytelling.

Average Day Rate: $500-$1,400

Production Support

Sound Mixer

A Sound Mixer ensures that audio on a shoot is properly captured and mixed. They handle any sound-related issues that may come up such as background noise and distortion and they also lead the audio crew.

Average Day Rate: $500-$1,000


A Grip builds and maintains all the gear that includes tripods, lights dollies, cranes, static rigs, and all other on-set equipment.

Average Day Rate: $250-$500


A Gaffer designs and implements the lighting plan on a production set and works closely with the DP.

Average Day Rate: $150-$400

Production Assistant

Production Assistants are there to support the production team in anything that needs to be done whether that’s managing rental equipment, arranging meals for crew members, organizing content on a hard drive or other tasks. They are all hands on deck for a variety of production needs.

Average Day Rate: $250-$400

Makeup Artist

A Makeup Artist uses cosmetic techniques and prosthetics to achieve the desired look for television, film, theatre, fashion, magazines, and other productions.

Average Day Rate: $200-$400

Hair Stylist

A Hair Stylist is responsible for creating hairstyles for the talent on-set.

Average Day Rate: $200-$400


Commercial Editor

A Commercial Editor tells a concise story that sells a product or service for a brand in a compelling way. If you are thinking about creating TV or branded video, hire a professional editor.

Average Day Rate: $600-$800

Documentary Editor

A Documentary Editor is an experienced documentary storyteller who can craft your narrative in post-production.

Average Day Rate: $400-$800

Music Composer

A Music Composer creates scores, songs, or themes for advertisements, animations, films, TV shows and other media. If you need a custom music piece, this is who you’ll need to hire.

Average Day Rate: $600-$1,000

Sound Designer

Sound Designers are professional audio creators who handle post-production sound mixing and sound design for videos or animations.

Average Day Rate: $400-$800

Visual Effects Artist (VFX)

A VFX artist uses computer software to create animation and special effects that digitally enhance a video or film.

Average Day Rate: $600-$800


A colorist is in charge of color correction and/or grading for the video. Color correction refers to making the footage look the way the human eye sees things whereas color grading refers to creating the visual tone or mood of the piece. The colorist works closely with the DP to determine the overarching aesthetic.

Average Day Rate: $400-$600