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How The Home Rental Platform Tells Their Far Flung Stories

  • 3Airbnb teams
  • 25cities
  • 34videos


  • How to hire freelance video producers in remote locations around the world
  • How to augment in-house teams on a project basis in their San Francisco headquarters
  • How to pay creators in remote locations
  • How to iterate faster on new content channels, verticals, and themes
  • How to scale while maintaining stylistic consistency


As Airbnb continues to expand into new markets and into new product lines like Airbnb experiences, video has become a powerful medium to tell their story.

With access to Storyhunter’s talented network of professionals, their San Francisco HQ based media production teams have been able to quickly find, hire, and pay crews from Asia to Europe to Latin America.

They are also able to quickly hire editorial and creative talent to augment their in-house team in the United States on a project basis. Using Storyhunter’s creative brief templates on their postings, they have been able to maintain their unique brand identity with every video.

Storyhunter is the future of sourcing top creative talent all over the world.Adam Hobbs, Head of Film, Airbnb

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