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  • 3weeks turnaround
  • 4videos


  • Explaining why Airfox is important for the world and impacts lives
  • Creating compelling videos that tell their story, utilizing only external resources
  • Producing the high quality video at the best cost


Airfox partnered with Storyhunter to develop and produce four brand videos that explain their product. They received proposals from four different Brazilian production companies, and chose to work with Volt Films.

They ended up with an explainer video, a video montage, and two customer testimonials. Airfox’s partnership with Storyhunter solved their major challenges and was uniquely set up for their specific needs.

What amazed me was the quality. I thought it was going to be like Fiverr for video, but it ended up being high quality, movie-ready production companies – full service. It was an incredibly wonderful experience.Katie Sedat, VP of Marketing, Airfox

Selected Videos

Explainer Video

Customer Testimonials

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