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Optimizing Visual Content With Cortex: See How This Tech Start-Up Raised $1 Million

  • $1,000,000funds raised
  • 1four-minute pitch video


  • How to create a video that will attract investors
  • How to find talent around the world during a pandemic
  • How to find video professionals who are Swiss Army Knife candidates


Cortex is an on-demand software platform that uses artificial intelligence to optimize visual content. The company needed to find a visual, concise, and impactful way to tell its business story and attract investors on its WeFunder page.

Adrian Baschuk, the executive producer of media agency ARORA Project, is crafting brand narratives for start-ups with the help of our global network of top creators.

Cortex turned to Adrian, who discovered and hired a producer-shooter in Boston, where the start-up is based, to film the interview with the company founder and others.

The shoot was a hybrid remote video production: only a few people were on-set while Adrian conducted the interviews via Zoom. The hybrid remote video production set-up is one important reason why Adrian needed to find a Storyhunter creator who could support all aspects of the production process. “The key component is finding talent around the world who are producer-shooter types, who are not just DPs or videographers, but who can work with the production company and with the client in-person in telling the best story visually with our co-direction," Adrian said.

So, what made this video successful? Much like other start-up videos Adrian has created, this one also followed the tried and tested rules of great storytelling: “We like to think of it like a five paragraph essay,” Adrian said, “So, a quick intro, three paragraphs that really tell the story, background story, the here and now, and a forecast, and then a closing element to allow people to join the startup and its mission.”

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