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How To Build A Storytelling Brand From Scratch

  • 80+filmmakers
  • 100+countries
  • 325+projects


  • How to build and manage freelance producer network
  • How to pay creators
  • How to hire freelance video producers in remote locations around the world
  • How to generate new story ideas from scratch
  • How to scale while maintaining stylistic consistency


Great Big Story used the Storyhunter marketplace to source original stories from a vetted, global network of commercial and documentary directors. They used Storyhunter’s creator management tools to manage and constantly curate their new and growing freelance producer network.

As they scaled up, Storyhunter’s project workflow tools enabled them to track and manage scores of projects at the same time across multiple editorial teams.

Once they discovered their unique look and feel, they were able to duplicate the stylistic requirements for every project they greenlit, maintaining their brand identity as they scaled up.

Finally, Storyhunter’s electronic contracts and payments tools allowed them to focus on the storytelling instead of the paperwork. Great Big Story is now one of the most successful Youtube channels in the world, attracting blue chip advertisers in the branded and sponsored video space.

We couldn’t have done it without StoryhunterConnor Boals, Senior Producer, Great Big Story

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