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  • How to hire freelance video producers in remote locations across the planet
  • How to quickly onboard and manage a freelance producer network
  • How to pay creators all over the world
  • How to iterate faster on new content channels, verticals, and themes
  • How to scale while maintaining stylistic consistency


Instagram partnered with Storyhunter for an on-demand solution to find filmmakers, creatives, DPs, and editors around the world for their owned and operated content channels @instagram and @creators. They needed to produce original content at the pace of any social video publisher and have a simple way to onboard and pay creators they already knew.

They use Storyhunter to create and edit videos that showcase their most fascinating users on their account, through series like #HiddenGems and #Advocates, as well as for design and creative work on other projects.

As the most popular social media account in the world, with more than 300m followers, their users are in the most diverse locations, so they benefit from having on-the-ground creative talent that they can hire and pay through one, easy-to-use system.

Skills Hired

  • Documentary DP
  • Commercial DP
  • Corporate Videographer
  • Video Editor
  • Motion Graphics
  • Editorial Photographer/Photojournalist
  • Portrait Photographer
  • Reporter/Journalist
  • Copywriter
  • Copy Editor
  • Sound Designer
  • Audio Engineer
Storyhunter simplifies the process of hiring creators for our growing video operation.Alina Grosman, Producer, Instagram

Selected Videos

Mini Documentaries

Portrait Photography

Sound Design

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