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Creating And Executing A TikTok Marketing Strategy

  • 20TikTok videos
  • 1TV Commercial script, edited into 4 creative assets
  • 1Marketing photo package


  • How to discover and vet creators from various parts of the world
  • How to hire creators and get them quickly onboarded
  • How to conceptualize and execute a highly-efficient TikTok and overall digital marketing strategy


Lightricks wanted to promote their various video and image editing apps by implementing an innovative, up-to-date social media campaign. They turned to Storyhunter Select to find top creatives who could establish and execute a TikTok strategy. The company hired a creator who produced 20 TikTok videos using Lightricks apps such as Videoleap, Beatleap, and Motionleap.

The Storyhunter creator focused on a sophisticated user-generated content strategy. He sourced and brought on 15 TikTok creators for the brand campaign to garner traction. The videos included tutorials explaining how users can reimagine their social media content using Lightricks’ apps.

Lightricks also hired Storyhunter creators that produced a photoshoot and a television commercial. The company wants to continue to experiment and expand its digital strategy.

The constant flow of new creators available on the platform is amazing. It’s saved us time executing our marketing projects which is, in some cases, much more valuable than money. Having Storyhunter as a creative resource also means we can come up with project ideas that are not bound to our geographical location.Matt Veysberg, Video Production Team Lead, Lightricks

Selected Videos

TikTok Videos


This is how we fix our hair every single morning! 💁‍♀️ #videoleap #fyp #videotricks

♬ original sound - Videoleap


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