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How This Language-Learning Giant Champions Its Customer Experience

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  • How to continue and expand creative output with limited in-house resources and company-wide COVID-19 travel restrictions
  • How to discover and hire top-notch, vetted creators and production companies around the world to create brand video and written content
  • How to build a SEO-powered marketing strategy that improves product engagement
  • How to swiftly onboard and pay creators


Rosetta Stone used our Creator Management Platform to quickly onboard and pay content creators from outside the platform. The language-learning giant turned to Storyhunter to build a new SEO-fueled series called “How To Say.” For this series, Rosetta Stone discovered and hired 35 Storyhunter creators in 22 countries across eight languages to create more than 75 brand videos despite the pandemic. They also worked with on-camera talent who taught audiences how to say various expressions in a local language. Additionally, the company repurposed massive amounts of raw footage to create separate promos based on editorial needs.

In using Storyhunter, one of their goals was to create a “foundation of content that we can be proud of,” said Ian Young, the company’s senior content producer. They not only used the videos to optimize their blog content but also moved them into the product experience to build an “omnichannel video asset that makes sense for different stakeholders.”

Storyhunter also enabled Rosetta Stone to stay on top of trending cultural topics. “It made it possible to take advantage of a PR-able moment: to reach out to someone you’ve never met before, jive with them on a project, and publish it,” Ian said, speaking to the agility of the Storyhunter platform.

Storyhunter has changed my onboarding process to empower me to work with anybody I want, whenever I want, wherever I want.Ian Young, Senior Content Producer, Rosetta Stone

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