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How To Share Your Unique Brand Voice Through Local, Authentic Collaboration

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  • How to craft an authentic one-minute commercial targeting millennials and Gen Z
  • How to remotely hire creators and safely pull off a hybrid remote production during a pandemic


Stanley is a Seattle-based company that sells quality food and beverage gear. The brand wanted to make a commercial spot aimed at millennials and Gen Z. They created a posting on Storyhunter looking for a talented creator who could lead a production team in New Orleans. Specifically, they wanted a director who could capture the spirit of New Orleans while promoting their packable mug and thermos bottle in a natural way. Stanley found the right person to execute their brand vision: they hired NOLA-raised commercial producer, director, and editor Ricardo Betancourt who then brought on rapper and songwriter Pell as talent for the video.

Given the pandemic, this was hybrid remote video production. Ricardo managed a skeleton crew of six people on set following COVID safety protocols. The footage from the camera was running directly into a feed, from which the Stanley team in Seattle could watch the production live.

Stanley and Ricardo used the Storyhunter platform to communicate by sharing project briefs and ideas. Stanley also used Storyhunter to securely and efficiently pay Ricardo for the project.


Stanley was “blown away” by the results, Ricardo told us. This was the first video that broke the 10,000 view mark on Stanley’s YouTube channel, he said.

These one-minute ads are very humanistic and can connect everyone in some way. That in itself speaks to the brand, being able to diversify and give a shout out to places that are misunderstood. Using video helps brands connect more with communities that they usually wouldn’t connect with.Ricardo Betancourt, Storyhunter creator

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