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Why Fortune 500’s Need Freelance Storytelling Solutions

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  • How to experiment quickly with new branded content concepts
  • How to hire vetted talent in remote locations around the world
  • How to build and manage freelance producer network
  • How to scale while maintaining stylistic consistency


Starbucks came to Storyhunter to help find videographers in various cities where they were producing branded content series for their Community Upstanders series on Youtube.

Eventually, both internal and external communication teams were using Storyhunter for a wide range of content services, including vertical video, branded documentaries, writing, and even photography, and for their Starbucks Stories website.

All these different teams needed a fast and easy way to find, pay and hire multimedia creators around the country and the world. Storyhunter allows them to save money and time, while focusing on their brand message and content strategy.

The only global vetted production crew fulfillment service in the world. Takes the fear and unknown out of hiring outside of your usual production zoneColleen Davis, Senior Producer, Starbucks

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