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How A Leading Online Learning Platform Attracts New Students Around The Globe

  • 3countries
  • 3student testimonials
  • 30video promo ads


  • How to attract new students around the world and maintain stylistic consistency.
  • How to explain why Udemy is the go-to online learning resource for professionals.
  • How to create compelling videos that showcase Udemy’s unique learning tools.
  • How to produce high-quality promo videos at cost.
  • How to tell authentic client success testimonials.


The online learning platform Udemy, partnered with Storyhunter Studios on a global campaign to create videos to promote their online courses around the world and advertise to local audiences in Brazil, India, and Japan. Storyhunter Studios used local senior producers to create testimonial documentaries as well as regionally targeted promotional ads for each individual course. By utilizing Storyhunter’s international network of high-level producers, Udemy was able to cost-effectively produce all their videos, create multiple social media cutdowns and promotional video content.

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