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How This Global Media Agency Is Embracing New and Unconventional Storytelling


  • How to tell top-quality, nonfiction brand stories on a global scale while cutting travel costs and carbon emissions
  • How to find local production talent with deep on-the-ground video storytelling expertise
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Wavemaker, a global media agency boasting clients like L'Oréal, Mondelēz International, and Coinbase, is reinventing media and creativity through Positive Provocation.

“We want to be famous for Positive Provocation,” Maria Evrenos, Wavemaker’s global content manager based in London, told us. “So, being the one who will say the thing other people don't dare, and to have brands see a return by taking risks and pushing the status quo forward.”

Wavemaker encourages its clients to take the path of exceptional growth and is dedicated to following the trail they are blazing. What’s their strategy? Storyhunter. They’re using us to champion their Positive Provocation brand story.

Wavemaker and Storyhunter make a powerful team: We both believe the “growth models of the past will not serve the future.” We are challenging the traditional ways of thinking by embracing the agile creative workforce and adopting an “always-on” content production approach. It requires risk-taking, but as the saying goes, no risk, no reward.

Wavemaker hired video professionals in the USA, India, and the Philippines to film video portraits of employees there. The agency wanted video creators “who can make real stories look cinematic and engaging for social media.” They hired a filmmaker in these locations and edited the videos in-house - this flexibility to pick and choose services is something Maria said she found tremendously valuable.

In Denver, the video portrait featured Caitlyn Fuoco, a Wavemaker client investment lead, who has openly spoken about her journey with depression and anxiety. Wavemaker’s LinkedIn caption on the video reads: “When we’re open about what’s really going on inside our heads, we can positively provoke a better world. Mental health stigma thrives in the shadows – so Wavemaker is committed to shining a light instead.”

Maria said: “I like taking a social stance like normalizing mental health and we’ve got initiatives on racial equity, too. It could also be for brands using technology in a way that hasn’t been done before. It’s the storytelling methods, just not the usual, dull way of doing something.”

They turned to Storyhunter to capture original footage from exciting global locations.

“Next year, we'll probably do four stories. New stories in new regions: We definitely want to do Africa, South America, and Australia.”

The agency is about making an impact. Storyhunter’s network of video professionals, coupled with our Creator Management Platform, allowing clients to start projects in no time with no paperwork, has made it possible for storytelling-first organizations like Wavemaker to experience explosive growth.


  • Wavemaker created five videos spanning the U.S., India, and the Philippines
  • The videos were published on its social media channels, including YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram
  • The three published videos amassed 24,000 views across social platforms

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