“Storyhunter has changed the way we think about video. It allows us quick and easy access to quality filmmakers around the globe.”

Nicolette Bethea, Senior Producer, Discovery Digital Networks

“Storyhunter is the future of sourcing top creative talent all over the world.”

Adam Hobbs, Head of Film, Airbnb

“Working with the Storyhunter platform enabled us to expand our reach and create global compelling stories in a matter of days. Our director and team worked closely with the local shooters and created something truly special for Airbnb.”

Ari Kushner, Executive Producer, M ss ng P eces

“Before Storyhunter, there was a lot of paperwork. We spent more time and energy on finding, hiring, and paying freelancers than actual storytelling.”

Geoffrey Dietrich, Former Senior Producer, AJ+

Enabling global storytelling for CNN’s digital venture

Great Big Story, CNN’s digital venture launched in 2015, needed to scale digital videos for its launch and ongoing operations. With Storyhunter, they powered an entire series called UNCHARTED and got some amazing pitches for human interest stories that resonate with their audience.

“Storyhunter’s search tool makes it incredibly easy to connect with top freelancers all over the world.” – Sadie Bass, Supervising Producer

Empowering Wall Street Journal’s award-winning branding agency

Wall Street Journal Custom Studios is an in-house branded content agency that produces engaging, informative, interactive content that appeals to a global audience. Before Storyhunter, their producers and directors took nearly a week to find, vet, and hire professional freelancers. Storyhunter enabled them to build a much more efficient workflow. They could post assignments on the platform and then pull in freelancers who met the assignment criteria, from the robust search results.


In 2015, AJ+, Al Jazeera’s new digital venture, had the goal of creating a social video enterprise in a cost-effective way. With an agile approach and Storyhunter fully integrated into their workflow, they were able to produce over 400 videos on the platform with very little overhead. That year, their channel garnered more than 2 billion views on Facebook and they have gone on to receive billions more since then.

“The beauty of Storyhunter is not just all the money you save on production. It’s the fact that we can customize every story easily at low cost, so we can cover anything and tailor it specifically for our audience.” – Michael Shagoury, Editorial Director

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