The Backstory

We needed an ambitious explainer video to showcase our platform and the talent of our network. So we decided to have a taste of our own medicine and use Storyhunter to get it done.

We wanted to show the real faces of our community and stand-out from the typical motion graphic stuff by being original, global, high-end, and hassle free. Of course, we also wanted it to be turned around quickly and for a reasonable price.

Premium Talent

How We Did It

Posted a Project

We offered $5,000 to hire a top-notch creative director in NYC. We gave them 3 days to apply and pitch us a great concept.

Hired a Creative Director

We got 6 applicants and ended up hiring John Ryan Johnson, a.k.a. JRJ. He had great reviews and a killer sample video of a spec commercial he did for Nike.

Scaled on the Platform

JRJ then used the platform to find and hire filmmakers on 4 continents. He received 72 applicants and hired 17 of them.

Built Teams of Creatives

JRJ built an entire post-production team on an ad-hoc basis in New York. He used Storyhunter to hire a video editor, a motion graphic designer, a colorist, a sound designer, a music composer, and voice-over artist.

Managed Payment & Contracts

As JRJ received the footage back, he marked the projects complete and used our tools to pay all his teams with the click of a button. He also left a review about the quality and professionalism of his contributors.

Ended Up Happy

JRJ presented us with each cut so that we could give feedback. The video turned out great and we invited him over to screen it at our office.


The Budget

Creative Director



Grand Total

JRJ handled all aspects of production and delivered a video ready to publish.

Covers 17 filmmakers, in 10 countries, on 4 continents, being hired on day rates averaging $500/day.

Covers a video editor, motion graphic designer, voice-over artists, sound designer, and colorist.

Accounts for the final explainer video plus hundreds of hours of original footage and over a thousand photos that can be used for marketing.





Money We Saved

Travel Expenses



Hiring Fixers + Translators

Total Money Saved

By hiring local crews on the ground instead of flying one crew around the world, we saved the equivalent of 14 international airfares.

No need to take out insurance for gear or personnel. Our freelancers provide their own.

By hiring local crews who live where they work, we never paid a single hotel bill.

Local crews did not need to hire fixers or translators. They spoke the local language and knew the locations like the back of their hands.






Time We Saved

Visa + Permits

Finding Crews


Collecting W9+ Filing 1099

Paying Out

Total Hours Saved

We worked straight with locals who have all the paperwork already cleared.

No scouring the web or getting on a call to ask for a referral. We just posted our assignment and got great talent to connect seamlessly in minutes.

The platform allowed us to receive pitches and story ideas from the ground up. This massively accelerated our development time and gave us access to amazing locations and characters.

Storyhunter handles all of that. Our HR team had nothing to do.

All the payments went through the platform. No need to receive invoices, get the finance department involved, or send out small sums around the world.

64 hours

53 hours

34 hours

19 hours

8 hours

178 hours

x 50/hr = $8,900

Total Savings


Bottom Line

​Storyhunter allowed us to turn around a global project with the highest quality standards thanks to its distributed network of filmmakers. All the money we saved increased our ROI and allowed us to spend more on content rather than on logistics. Local crews were also much better suited to find the kind of characters we needed and could never find simply by Googling from HQ. Finally, we had no problem asking for scouting material or pick-up shoots. We were more nimble and more reactive. This platform is a true force multiplier.


“Using the Storyhunter platform made everything easier.  What would have been a cluttered inbox filled with emails, contracts, and payment documents from around the world turned into one organized hub that provided increased access to talent and streamlined the entire production process.”
John Ryan Johnson, Creative Director, USA

“I spotted this brief hours after signing up on Storyhunter and got commissioned right away. It was a great job to work on and I’m really proud to have been a part of it. Great work Storyhunter.”
Paul Stevenson, Doc Filmmaker, United Kingdom

Working with a large team spread across the globe has, in my experience, never been easier or more efficient. When we needed more footage of a particular scene, we were able to create a second assignment which I shot and submitted the very next day.
Alexander Pritz, Filmmaker, Kenya
“I never thought that developing, producing, and delivering an intercontinental-epic piece, such as this one, would be possible under budget and on time… until Storyhunter came along. It was an eye-opening experience.”
Carlos Perez Beltran, Video Journalist, Venezuela

Storyhunter’s collaborative vision has become a reality that just keeps getting better and better by offering filmmakers, journalists, production companies, and media organizations more opportunity to pair up the right people for the right project. I don’t think there is any other platform out there that can offer this.
Irene Herrera, Producer, Japan

Contributing to the project was super easy and straightforward, and working with such a big team meant we just wanted to stand out and get a few really good shots. Once we understood the concept it was just a matter of setting up the shoot and having fun with it.”
Will Miller, Shooter, Kenya

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Find Out More

Schedule a demo with us to learn more about Storyhunter and how we can help you with your freelancer needs

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