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That’s right! Storyhunter doesn’t charge freelancers any fees to sign up or work on our platform. It’s all free. Plus, we manage contracts, payments, and even file your 1099 at the end of the year. This means that you can connect with clients you know outside of the platform and work with them here to benefit from these services.

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You will never have to chase after a client for your money again. With Storyhunter, you’ll receive payment within 30 days of a project’s completion. We also handle advances and expense reimbursements, so you can focus on doing what you love without the paperwork.



Wire Transfers

Wire Transfers

Currency Conversion

Currency Conversion

“Storyhunter connected us to a variety of new clients including MSNBC and TIME, with whom we’ve built strong and long-lasting working relationships.”

Granny Cart, Production Company, USA

“I’ve met countless new clients on Storyhunter who hired me to make work that’s seen by millions of people around the world. I’m always going to be thankful for that.”

Carlos Beltran, Video Journalist, Venezuela

“Storyhunter opens so many doors for job opportunities around the world. It’s an amazing resource that allows me to find more distribution channels and focus on innovating my video storytelling.”

Inara Chayamiti, Producer, Brazil

“I no longer have to depend on production companies to reach publishers like National Geographic, AJ+, Discovery Digital, and other major networks. It’s given me a new source of independent income.”

Jessica Sherry, Filmmaker, USA

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