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The Freelancer Management System

Build And Manage Your Network

Your Rolodex In The Cloud

You have built up your own network of freelancers over the years. Add them to Storyhunter with the click of a button. Then manage them together with the freelancers you find through Storyhunter. Welcome to your new freelancer rolodex, accessible from anywhere.

Find freelancers based on location and service

Keep track of freelancer notes and work history

Save your favorite freelancers for quick re-hire

Start projects in no time with no paperwork

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It’s the fastest way to get a new project started with qualified, great talent. And get them paid on time.Sean West, Senior Communications Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Stay On Top Of Your Freelance Projects

Project Management

Storyhunter’s project management tools are specifically designed to make content production more efficient. They help you collaborate and communicate in real-time with your team and freelancers. And they help keep you organized. You can view and manage your projects, assets, contracts, cash advances, payments, and messages — all in one place.

View all your projects in one place

Get notified of project updates or action items

Message your freelancers and keep colleagues updated

Manage contracts and paperwork

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The Storyhunter system is really awesome and convenient for fast turnaround global productions.

Pay Your Freelancers Anywhere In The World

Global Payments

Stop worrying about wire transfers, checks, or Paypal payments. Whether you’re hiring an individual freelancer or an entire crew, we offer simple and fast payments, guaranteeing payment to your contractors within 30 days. Worried about taxes at the end of the year? Please don’t. We offer 1099 tax filing on your behalf and downloadable accounting reports.

Simple payments

Guaranteed freelancer payment within 30 days or less

1099 tax filling

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It Has Made Our Accounting Process Much Easier. Our Freelancers Are Very Happy To Be Getting Paid On Time.Melis Amdar, TRT World

Spend Less. Track More.

Finances In Real-Time

Storyhunter keeps your finance team happy by tracking project spend with always up-to-date reports. View detailed information about your projects, freelancers and invoices in our reporting dashboard. And if needed, easily download your information.

View in real-time

View spending by department or team

Download your information as CSV

View freelancer earnings for any time period

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