All of our plans give you access to our premium network of freelancers. Now you can use Storyhunter to manage all of your relationships with both new and existing freelancers. Never worry again about contracts, global payments, and tax filings.

Project Based Pro Agency Enterprise
Ideal for one-off content projects, or marketing/ re-branding campaigns Ideal for digital media companies, NGOs and any company producing consistent content Ideal for agencies, brands and production companies based in US & Canada Ideal for global brands, agencies and media conglomerates
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Access vetted network; review work samples; search by location and service; rate and review freelancers.
Instant matching
Video pricing recommendation tools
Send payments within 30 days
1099, 1042, W8-BEN collection & filing
Standard e-contracts
Custom contracts


Track Projects
Communicate with freelancers
Team collaboration
Mobile app access
Create calls for pitches
Create private projects


Onboard your own freelancers
Quick rehire tool
Advanced search
Reporting & analytics
1-on-1 onboarding trainings
Budget Management Tools
Number of editor seats 2 5 Unlimited Unlimited


W-2 payroll, insurance and tax incentive solution*
Freelancer Strategy Consulting
White-Glove Project Managers and Producers**
Number of billing accounts/ publications 1 1 1 4
Payment option for projects Credit Card Only Credit Card, Pre-pay or Invoice Credit Card, Pre-pay or Invoice Pre-pay or Invoice
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*Payroll services offered for US and Canada only
**To hire a producer for full-time carries a recruitment fee

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