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With countries and cities restricting travel because of the Coronavirus pandemic, sending crews is increasingly risky.  Below are some examples of how clients used local production resources through Storyhunter to cover the epidemic quickly and safely. 



Great Big Story

Great Big Story wanted to tell the collective human story of the “quarantine” experiences from around the world. So they posted a “call for pitches” on Storyhunter and received over 40 ideas from 17 countries. They ended up hiring documentary filmmakers in The Philippines, China, Hungary, London, Spain, Italy, Australia, and Iran to produce this piece.

Voice of America

Voice of America wanted to create a video showing how desolate New York City has been during this pandemic. Using Storyhunter they connected with an experienced drone photographer, who shot some really breathtaking visuals for them.

Business Insider

Distilleries Are Making Hand Sanitizer Instead Of Spirits

The coronavirus has caused shortages of essential supplies like hand sanitizer. One distillery in Pennsylvania is making sanitizer instead of spirits and donating it to the local community.

Posted by Business Insider Today on Thursday, March 26, 2020

Business Insider wanted to produce a story about companies changing their business models to help fight the Coronavirus for their Facebook Watch show. They ended up hiring a local documentary filmmaker in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, to produce this video profile of Eight Oaks Farm Distillery, which halted production of their usual spirits, to produce hand sanitizer at a rate of 2,000 bottles per day.

QuickTake by Bloomberg

QuickTake wanted to tell the story of how small businesses in Seattle, at one point the US epicenter of the crisis, are dealing with the shutdown. They created guidelines for safety and decided to hire a local producer to find and shoot the story.


AJPlus wanted to do a story on racism and the Coronavirus. They decided to hire a freelance video journalist through Storyhunter to develop, shoot and produce a piece showing how racism against Chinese Canadians is on the rise.

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