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  • Rick B.'s photo

    Rick B.

    Cary, NC, USA

    $400 - $500 / Day

    Top Services

    • Documentary DP
    • Video Editor - News
    • Fixer

    About Rick B.

    I am an award winning filmmaker and have experience in many disciplines in different cultures/countries including five years in the Taiwan and the Middle East.I spent 10 years in Hollywood in the entertainment field, writing, producing, directing and editing, primarily biographies and documentaries. These programs aired in syndication and on cable. The past few years I have focused on international/corporate productions with year-long contract stints in Taipei Taiwan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Dubai. Over the course of my career, I have successfully produced and directed with Arabic speaking crews as well as Mandarin Chinese and Filipino speaking crews. The success is all about being a clear and concise communicator no matter what the genre or locale.

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  • Derek R.'s photo

    Derek R.

    Durham, NC, USA

    $500 - $1000 / Day

    Top Services

    • Video Editor - News
    • Documentary DP
    • 360 News Video

    About Derek R.

    Derek Alan Rowe (Director, Editor, Motion Graphics Animator) is a co-founder of Doctrine Creative with offices in Orlando, Fl and Durham, NC. From a very young age, Derek spent most of his time developing ideas, and found digital media was the best way to express them. He has grown from a graphic designer, to web designer, to video editor. He has worked with Disney, Nickelodeon, TLC, plus many other independant projects. Derek’s goal is to produce inspiring and meaningful media. In 2008 he directed a full-length feature film called “Out On Parole” and just completed a documentary film called “Within Reach” that is currently touring festivals.

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  • Julia W.'s photo

    Julia W.

    Carrboro, NC, USA

    $400 - $750 / Day

    Top Services

    • Video Editor - News
    • Documentary DP
    • News Shooter / Video Journalist

    About Julia W.

    I'm Julia Wall. I grew up in Wilmington, NC and attended UNC-Chapel Hill for photojournalism. Most of my experiences in visual journalism involve video storytelling. While in school I worked on both international and domestic video and photography projects. I've interned at The Los Angeles Times (shot and edited videos for the web), and MediaStorm (edited long form documentary and client projects). Following my internship at MediaStorm I went on to be the chief editor of a 14-video series for National Geographic that documented each of the 2014 "Emerging Explorer" grant recipients. I have since edited projects for various non-profits, and shot video for The New York Times in North Carolina. I am interested in and passionate about telling important stories of people, places, and the issues that impact them through video and photography.

  • Anna B.'s photo

    Anna B.

    Denver, CO, USA

    $500 - $700 / Day

    Top Services

    • Documentary DP
    • Creative Director
    • Video Editor - Documentary

    About Anna B.

    Anna Grace started her career as the media coordinator for multiple non-profits. While honing her editing and cinematography skills, she taught herself motion graphics to help communicate abstract stories and information. After graduating film school in LA specializing in documentary work, she became the creative director and producer for a curriculum company, directing film productions all over the nation. Anna Grace joined forces with her husband Kevin Botka to start Botka Collective. Botka Collective serves an international client base of non-profits, corporations, small businesses, agencies, film directors, and production companies. Botka Collective specializes in both animation and film to tell client's stories.

  • Vivian K.'s photo

    Vivian K.

    Charlotte, NC, USA

    $250 - $5000 / Day

    Top Services

    • Creative Director
    • Production Assistant
    • Corporate Videographer

    About Vivian K.

    Vivian Khanounsay is an independent photographer and media coordinator who partners with companies, businesses, and artists to create films and content tailored uniquely to their brand, business, or project. Vivian believes in striving to impact, inspire and engage audiences with captivating films and content. She seeks to understand her subject and their specific needs/goals before delving into the process of directing, producing, filming and editing the desired project. 

  • Jerry O.'s photo

    Jerry O.

    Raleigh, NC, USA

    $500 - $1500 / Day

    Top Services

    • Post-Production Manager
    • Video Editor - Commercial
    • Fixer

    About Jerry O.

    I've worked in video production for over 14 years. Film, Docs., TV, Marketing and short stories. I can do pre-pro, production, post-production, graphics, fly a drone, you name it, I've done it and gotten paid to do it. I've lived in 15+ countries in my life and worked in even more, there's not much I haven't seen but I'm always excited for a new adventure.

  • Alex C.'s photo

    Alex C.

    Charlotte, NC, USA

    $700 - $2500 / Day

    Top Services

    • News Shooter / Video Journalist
    • Reporter / Journalist
    • 360 Documentary Video

    About Alex C.

    Alex Cason is a photographer & videographer invested in capturing moments and events.

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