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Top Results

  • Kumbulani Z.'s photo

    Kumbulani Z.


    $250 - $600 / Day

    Top Services

    • Documentary DP
    • Video Editor - News
    • Translator

    About Kumbulani Z.

    Kumbulani Zamuchiya is an independent filmmaker and producer with a specialization in documentary and arts focused productions. For the past decade he has been directing, writing, filming and producing projects in Zimbabwe and internationally, from short films to TV programs and music videos. In 2008 he founded his own production company Tallawah Productions to enable him to maintain independence and creative control of his work. His projects have won him international and local recognition from The Lincoln Centre, Apollo Theatre, Columbia University and to the Zimbabwe International Film Festival. In 2014 he was awarded the outstanding Human Rights Journalist of the year for the documentary Dhamu – Voices From a Tent and in 2013 he won an international award for the NAFSA International video contest. His work has also seen the Mokoomba music video he directed at number 2 on the World Music Network Charts for 2013 and on CNN. Kumbulani also stands and falls as the consular for the Zimb

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  • Kudzayi Z.'s photo

    Kudzayi Z.

    Harare, Zimbabwe

    $80 - $300 / Day

    Top Services

    • Reporter / Journalist
    • Editorial Photographer / Photojournalist
    • Sound Mixer

    About Kudzayi Z.

    Freelance journalist who can provide news in Still pictures, audio reports and text. Bylines can be found at This Is Africa, Voice of America, NewsDay

  • Denslow K.'s photo

    Denslow K.

    Harare, Zimbabwe

    $150 - $750 / Day

    Top Services

    • Creative Director
    • Documentary DP
    • Commercial DP

    About Denslow K.

    Denslow Kisi is an award winning filmmaker, music composer and writer from Harare Zimbabwe. He has worked locally and internationally with renowned film and television production companies. He has worked in the media industry since 2011 and has experience spanning across the media spectrum. He has the ability to apply his creativity in problem solving and is a passionate filmmaker. He is always ready to tackle any production or project.

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