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Top Results

  • Daniel N.

    Kigali, Rwanda

    $500 - $700 / Day

    Top Services

    • Documentary DP
    • Field Producer
    • Sound Mixer

    About Daniel N.

    Daniel Nzohabonimana is a producer and freelance journalist specialized in digital storytelling.

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  • Ayoze O.

    Kigali, Rwanda

    $500 - $1500 / Day

    Top Services

    • Production Company
    • Documentary DP
    • Commercial DP

    About Ayoze O.

    Tv & Cinema Producer/ Investigative journalist and multi-award winning documentary filmmaker with a keen sensibility for political stories and conflict zones. 18-years experience working in Europe, Latin America and East Africa, fixing, producing and creating content for diverse organizations and media companies. Passionate storyteller continually looking for new technical challenges and compelling stories.

  • Susanne K.

    Kigali City, Rwanda

    $350 - $600 / Day

    Top Services

    • Creative Director
    • Documentary DP
    • TV News Producer

    About Susanne K.

    Hey! I am a freelance journalist from Germany now living in the Great Lakes region of Africa, more precisely in Gisenyi/Rwanda at the border to the DR Congo. I moved here in 2016. Since 2005 I have been working for several public broadcasting TV stations in Germany and produced reports, portraits, documentaries from 5 min to 30 min. I love my job! It's that simple. It's my passion to find inspiring stories, develop a film idea, write the story board, get it on camera and finalize it in a captivating edit work. Why? That's also simple. Because everyone loves to hear a good story. Beside producing films, I also write as a freelancer for magazines and newspaper. Feel free to get in touch! And find more of my recent work on

  • Guylain M.

    Goma, Democratic Republic of the Congo

    $150 - $250 / Day

    Top Services

    • Documentary DP
    • News Shooter / Video Journalist
    • Reporter / Journalist

    About Guylain M.

    I'm a freelancer journalist #Filmmaker #Photographer in great lakes area #DRC #Rwanda #Burundi #Uganda based in Goma #EasterCongo

  • Faustin N.

    Kigali, Rwanda

    $170 - $300 / Day

    Top Services

    • News Shooter / Video Journalist
    • Documentary DP
    • Drone Operator

    About Faustin N.

    Passionate young documentary filmmaker, videographer. Middle skills on scriptwriting, graphic design, infographics, photojournalism. -------Awards------ 2016 - Africa Rising Award Winning at Slum Film Festival in Nairobi, Kenya for my short documentary film Fastest Woman in Africa - Rwanda's First Female Cyclist. The New Times published an article about my award; 2015 - Best Documentary Journalist in Rwanda at the Development Journalism Awards for my short documentary video: Heroism Legacy of Nyange Secondary School Students. -------Official Selections of some of my work--------- Whose am I? 2020 - Short documentary film project, selected by One World Media, UK. Fastest Woman in Africa - Rwanda's First Female (2016) 2017 - Mashariki African Film Festival, Kigali, Rwanda 2016 - Silicon Valley African Film Festival, California, USA. 2016 - Slum Film Festival, Nairobi, Kenya 2016 - Global Impact Film Festival in Washington DC 2016 - Spin – The Cycling Festival, London, England 2016 - Edinburgh Festival of Cycling, Scotland 2016 - Minutnik Film and Beer Festival, Slovenia 2016 - I Luv Africa Film Festival, Accra, Ghana 2016 - Rwanda International Film Festival, Kigali, Rwanda Please! (2012) 2013 - Rwanda International Film Festival, Kigali, Rwanda 2013 - Burundi International Film Festival, Bujumbura, Burundi

  • Simon W.

    Kigali, Rwanda

    $200 - $1500 / Day

    Top Services

    • News Shooter / Video Journalist
    • Video Editor - News
    • Reporter / Journalist

    About Simon W.

    Videojournalist and photojournalist working in Rwanda, Burundi, Uganda and eastern DRC.

  • Nebiat M.

    Kigali, Rwanda

    $500 - $1000 / Day

    Top Services

    • Documentary DP
    • News Shooter / Video Journalist
    • Translator

    About Nebiat M.

    Nebiat Assefa Melles is a video journalist and documentary filmmaker based in Kigali, Rwanda. Her recent documentary “Blue Devil” has won the Knight Award for Best reporting in Science and Environment, also got nominated as Best Short Documentary at Pan Africa Film Festival, Montreal Black Film Festival, and San Diageo Black Film Festival. Nebat has spent eight years reporting and producing documentaries the national media, Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation, where she was named Producer of the Year in 2011 and 2012. She is a graduate of the University of California at Berkeley and specialized in Documentary Filmmaking. Her First Masters was in Theatre and Development from Addis Ababa University and got her bachelor's degree in Theater Arts at Addis Ababa University.

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