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  • Gil S.'s photo

    Gil S.

    Vilnius, Lithuania

    $200 - $500 / Day

    Top Services

    • Translator
    • Reporter / Journalist
    • Fixer

    About Gil S.

    Freelance journalist working in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Russia. Focusing on international relations, cultural politics, social movements, and media policies in the region. Winner of Prix Philippe Chaffanjon 2017 multimedia award.

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  • Clare R.'s photo

    Clare R.

    Berlin, Germany

    $800 - $1500 / Day

    Top Services

    • Reporter / Journalist
    • On-Air Reporter / Host
    • Field Producer

    About Clare R.

    Journalist and presenter based in Berlin. Clare Richardson is a news anchor and reporter for the German international broadcaster DW News. As a foreign correspondent she has covered issues including elections in Indonesia, the Christchurch shooting in New Zealand, the Trump White House, and the caravan of migrants in Mexico. She is a VJ who has produced, filmed, and edited dozens of TV reports. She has hostile environment training and crisis reporting experience. Previously Clare was the World Editor of and World Editor of The Huffington Post in New York City. She has reported from Brazil and Mozambique with fellowships from the International Reporting Project, and from Germany as an Arthur F. Burns fellow in Berlin. Follow her on Twitter: @clarereports.

  • Louise R.'s photo

    Louise R.

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    $100 - $400 / Day

    Top Services

    • Reporter / Journalist
    • Copywriter
    • Editorial Photographer / Photojournalist

    About Louise R.

  • Bogdan B.'s photo

    Bogdan B.

    Copenhagen, Denmark

    $500 - $300000 / Day

    Top Services

    • Documentary DP
    • Production Company
    • Commercial DP

    About Bogdan B.

    Human being on a journey through life. Interested in information technology, filmography and most things that have to do with positive reflections. Born in Romania, educated in Denmark, athletic by nature, humorous throughout life and optimist by nature.

  • Sergey B.'s photo

    Sergey B.

    Moscow, Russia

    $400 - $1500 / Day

    Top Services

    • Line Producer / On-Location
    • Senior Producer / Project Manager
    • Field Producer

    About Sergey B.

    We have been rock’n’rolling on video production market for over a decade. We are offering a team of hand-picked professionals who would best meet the needs of your particular project. You can fully rely on us if you are looking for a full-cycle video-production and creation of any sort of digital&media content. Our assistance can range from getting you a fixer in Russia to assembling a full top-notch crew for shooting a high-profile commercial.

  • Inna L.'s photo

    Inna L.

    Moscow, Russia

    $200 - $500 / Day

    Top Services

    • Reporter / Journalist
    • Copywriter
    • Copy Editor

    About Inna L.

    An accomplished freelance writer, editor, creative producer and media manager with more than 15 years of experience in the online, broadcast and print media and publishing industry. Possess excellent storytelling, editorial, research and managerial skills, and a knack for potentially successful stories. As a freelance writer, I contribute to leading lifestyle and business media and support individual and institutional clients with storytelling projects. Throughout my career, I have worked for a wide range of publications, including international media brands such as Forbes, Marie Claire, L’Officiel Voyage, Inc. I have conducted and written dozens of interviews with prominent cultural figures such as theatre director Robert Wilson, artist Robert Longo, actress Kate Hudson, fashion designer Antonio Marras, industrial designer Karim Rashid, and conductor Teodor Currentzis, BMW Group's Head of Cultural Engagement Thomas Girst, President of the Salzburg Festival Helga Rabl-Stadler, to mention just a few. I am a thorough researcher and leave no minor detail without fact-checking. The major features of my texts are an engaging style, transparent structure, and verified information. I only take up projects I find interesting and exciting to work on, as I believe enthusiasm and passion are key to success. Last but not least, meeting deadlines is my top priority, along with the quality of writing.

  • Santi H.'s photo

    Santi H.

    Coto De Caza, CA 92679, USA

    $2000 - $5000 / Day

    Top Services

    • Commercial DP
    • Documentary DP
    • Art Director

    About Santi H.

  • Ivan M.'s photo

    Ivan M.

    Tbilisi, Georgia

    $50 - $1000 / Day

    Top Services

    • News Shooter / Video Journalist
    • Production Coordinator / Crewing
    • Mobile Journalist / Livestreamer

    About Ivan M.

  • Mahmoud E.'s photo

    Mahmoud E.

    Cairo, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

    $30 - $4000 / Day

    Top Services

    • News Shooter / Video Journalist

    About Mahmoud E.

  • Jane W.'s photo

    Jane W.

    Leipzig, Germany

    $300 - $550 / Day

    Top Services

    • Reporter / Journalist
    • Social Media Producer
    • Translator

    About Jane W.

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